Everything counts, matters and is important. What you think and how you act has an immediate and lasting impact on all of your life. We choose everything and can choose again when we realize we are off track for ourselves.

Slowing down, paying attention and caring enough to nurture and care for you is important. No one can do for you what you can. We live and breathe from the inside out. We are responsible for our own outcomes in life.

The world of blame, shame, doubt, judgment and fear does no one any good. All we need to do is wake up to all of our powerful possibilities and live them now. We do live in a magical world where things can occur quickly. With our body and health we need more focus, clarity and care to achieve the results that we want.

The universal and natural forces follow our lead in their co-creative support of us. There are no surprises except that you have been working against yourself and leading them down the path you do not really want.

We as people have been lead down a path of confusion and lies. Pills and therapy and surgery do not make up for living out of alignment with you in all ways. Change has to come from you in all areas to allow the natural forces to work with you.

A quick fix is not enough; healing is a lifestyle and an investment in you. Daily focus on all aspects of you is important. Our minds are often in many directions and so follow our body and entire life.

The most important revelation when I began my work as a healer is that people were not focused on a full positive outcome and life. I realized that they were in charge and yet had very little training and understanding on what creates their life and health.

Our mental and physical focus is what creates our lives so we must be aware to what we are creating.  There are no mistakes, only reasons not yet understood, and solutions yet to be discovered.

When you know how to align all areas of you with your goals, and know how to remove the obstacles, life begins to make sense and flow. We have to ask the questions and listen for the answers. All is available to each one of us every minute.

As we align to our truth what is not truth is then healed, cleared and changed. Spiritual healing methods help us release things that have been patterns or interference for decades, days or lifetimes easily. We still need to do the actions and clear the mind and open the heart to our perfect health and alignment.

It is a process of unlearning and remembering and learning anew. It is an enlivening journey of awakening as you are empowered to be al you are in balance and grace. We are perfect health and it is up to us to take the actions to live in alignment with our truth.

It is a path of joy as you begin to see results immediately and feel more alive and free than you ever have before.

Putting all of the pieces together is what Be The Medicine is all about, so that you can naturally move into the life you were destined to have. This work is a neutral path inclusive of all traditions and practices and refines direction and ways of moving into a life of simplicity, ease and creation.

We do not have to be confused, sick or in pain. Life is ours to enjoy and understand.

Embrace the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Call today to begin with Janet in private sessions in person or on the phone. We go straight to the point of what needs to change and heal immediately and move you into your best self. Classes and workshops are available in Boston mid-July and every few months, Morristown, NJ monthly, and at your location. 973-647-2500

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