What is a White Woman Doing Living as a Shaman In New Jersey USA?

Janet StraightArrow

Janet StraightArrow


I discovered my lineages and purpose as a Shaman over twenty-two years ago and I ask myself this question often. It has not been easy for me, and surely not easy for my family. I was a suburban divorced mother of two, a top NJ Realtor and a twenty-five year student of healing, spirituality and living a full, happy, healthy life, when I discovered this deeper journey to me and my life purpose.

Living a healing and spiritual, study and lifestyle, was my passion. At the time I was asking questions and reading three books a week on what I realize now were often advanced books for the time. When the student is ready the teachers and books come.

With degrees in Nutrition and Psychology-which was an unusual blend then, and myriad classes taken in many traditions and studies from around the world, I knew I was going to transition into helping people in another way. I was working in Real Estate to learn more and support my family.

When my broker introduced me to a Shaman who had just come into the area from the southwest, I was intrigued. My ongoing spiritual mentor at that time was a very talented professional Astrologer. This Shaman opened new doors for me in different ways. I was fortunate to have both of them in my life.

Its All Inside

Its All Inside

Telling me that I was a Shaman took me back a bit. Looking at my red pinstriped suit and blue Mercedes in the parking lot, I looked at him again in his simple jeans and native T-Shirt and ponytail when he said I was a Shaman just like him.

I did not believe him, nor did I want to. I knew if what he said was true it would be a very different way of living the calling, and yet our hearts and minds and messages were similar.

I had been aware of my spiritual guidance since I was a child. I did not speak of it until I “came out” several years later as a spiritual healer and teacher. Now it is so much a part of my dialogue I only realize it when people make faces of surprise.

A Shaman is a healer, teacher, messenger, guardian, warrior, manifestor and magi. All of these are not your typical roles in the world and all together it is a lot.

Even if you are born something you still have to grow into it and have the experiences, remembering and learning in order to become who you are. You also have to heal your Karma and attachment to this life, to release who you are not.

There is no training to become a Shaman. It is always an apprenticeship and it is always not so much to another Shaman but to the soul of you. Spiritual guidance and teachers from inner work was and is the most important support and learning.

The Clear Path

The Clear Path


I was guided to work with over fifty teachers of many traditions from around the world. Most were Healers, Shamans and Spiritual Masters, several of them intensely for over two years each. My greatest training came with the integration and practice with myself, and also the healing and teaching work I did with others.

Developing my gifts and using them in the world was something I had already been doing. The main reason I was so successful in Real Estate was that I was living my spiritual and practical journey as one all along.

I knew the best way to live and work is to tell the truth and the important thing I knew is most people do not know what that is. Our life is full of illusion, excuses, reasons and protection. Telling people and ourselves what we think we are supposed to say instead of what is, hurts all of us.

If you asked me what is the greatest gift I have to offer, it is to help people know their own truth and live it. Truth heals, manifests, and gives us all we need to know to live a full happy healthy life when used with deeper awareness and information.

This could be why my name is StraightArrow. I received this name as mine in a meditation in 2003 and made it legal. It speaks of my energy and message and prepares people to know and work with me. Truth, learning and healing are constantly evolving as we grow.

Sun to Sun Soul to Soul

Sun to Sun Soul to Soul

I am a rainbow Shaman which is inclusive and brings together many lineages from around the world. I relate to several more than others and yet the basis of all spiritual and Shamanic lineages is the same truths and wisdom.

I walk a neutral path. We are all one. As I studied different ways I have removed the fear, control and beliefs that go against and limit the whole truth, practice and work. The work, classes and sessions are spiritual and practical for everyday life and deeper awakening to who you are and how to manifest health, happiness and more.

You will walk into our healing and learning center, and see representations of traditions around the world, and yet none are focused on. What we focus on is using simple, profound and direct practices, tools and becoming who we are as people and souls in this body and life where we are now.

To be a spiritual being is to be alive here on earth and appreciate the journey of experience and learning. We learn by being us.

In Shamanism everything is learning and healing. Shamanic practice is not a playground it is a serious practice of blending heaven and earth into our lives while making sense of why we are here. As StraightArrow I have taken many years to make this all simple and real so that everyday people can relate, heal and grow.

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

My main life purpose has manifested as a teacher. My mission is to help people Be The Medicine and Live the Power of You! A teacher does not just give information; she/he emanates it, sharing exactly what is needed to move through things and uses it to help people heal and learn. The skills of the messenger, guardian and warrior are important as she helps people work through their unique ways of becoming. Another skill is manifesting in the world with practical execution of what is needed which also requires knowledge of the magic of all of life.

A Shaman is aware and works with the spirit in all things bridging all worlds for purpose of healing and co-creating on earth. Each Shaman has their own gifts and purpose to share in the world. Other Shamans may not operate in the same ways described above, each has their own calling and methods of working and understanding.


Trusting myself and living from my heart has been a challenging journey to learn and navigate, as it is not the socially acceptable way to live our lives. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. It becomes easy when you know it is the direct path and the only way which is what it becomes after you have seen the results of peace, healing and love in your body and in your life.

Following my own path led me to the life of a Shaman and so much more. As challenging as life has been as a woman, a mother and in the world of co-creating a new spiritual pathway in Be The Medicine, I am grateful everyday for the courage and peace and adventure of my life

Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

A Shaman is a spiritual healer, teacher, advisor and leader. The main difference to me is that we work with nature and the simplicity of working with spirit, soul and life without beliefs of something else. All masters from all traditions are found in Shamanic experience as well. Life is so clear logical and powerful when you live wisdom, knowledge and love. All of the answers and help that you need are at your fingertips in every moment.

I am honored and grateful for all of the people who have been served by the healing, teaching and writing that come through me. The highest spirituality is neutral, practical and simple, bridging the material world and the spiritual world is my specialty in helping people heal and live their best life.

As to what I am doing in New Jersey. It is where I was raised and will always be my home base. People are very open and ready here now. Travel begins again this year teaching in other locations, beginning in the Boston area, and building programs for groups who are ready as I finalize my first book.

Healing and Wholeness

All Possibility

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet.bethemedicine@gmail.com 973-647-2500 www.bethemedicine.com

As a Shaman Janet is a Wise Woman, Teacher, Healer and Lover of life and People. Janet is dedicated to supporting peoples growth and healing and living it on their journey wherever they are. StraightArrow works with business people, doctors, holistic professionals, children and people who are ready to move forward with understanding and ease in their life.

Call Janet Today! Skype, phone and In Person Sessions available. Ongoing sessions and a  mentoring process is available.

These descriptions of Shamanism and the life of a Shaman are from my own experience. There will be many commonalities and differences.

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  1. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know
    so much about this, like you wrote the book in it
    or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog.
    An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

    • SoulShaman says:

      Thank You.
      I am working on updating my blogs as we set up a new website. I just added pictures and refined the blog and put it on my Facebook page.
      Blessings, janet

  2. oonaja says:

    dear janet shaman woman who encompasses all things………you R all of what you say and so much more which reflects the wisdom of creation ……a delight to witness your journey……..of growth, sharing. manifesting, healing, into your ever unfolding perfection……OoM….

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