To live our deepest truth we must be open to listen to our inner guidance or soul. We each were born for a reason and everything that occurs has purpose and learning and growth.

The material world is just one piece of the puzzle of life and it is where we play out our soul. As humans we have many imprints of beliefs, fears, illness and judgment. Unrealistic expectations abound in the world where man-made rules are the joke and not the truth.

Universal and Natural Laws are the ones that automatically rule all of us. Learning to live the highest possible attainment of our individual purpose allows us to work in the flow instead of trying to control what is and make it something else.

The magical thinking of The Secret is not the highest use of the Law of Attraction. Focus on material wealth without spiritual unity, deep healing and living aligned with your soul purpose will render you limited happiness and results.

The treasure is in the manifestation and peace of your soul. The rules and wounds of the world try to dominate the thoughts and belief of the people keeping them wanting and insecure.

Learning to trust yourself and awaken all of your magnificence is quite a journey of adventure of the highest order.

In order to do this we must first awaken our will and know that the truth is always from the inside no matter what the outside may tell us.

Support yourself daily for being a rebel who trusts what you know to be true for you.  No one can choose what another needs in their life, we can only support and encourage others to listen and learn through themselves and teach them how.

To focus on the self and what we know instinctively since we were born has been trained out of many people all around the world.  To be removed from our wisdom, knowledge and truth is the worst abuse of many generations and can stop here with us.

Unconditional love begins with us and then we can be the gift of love with others. No one gives anyone permission to be themselves we each are born with that right.

Begin by paying attention to that knowing feeling and voice that has a level of peace and encouragement inside you. You might want to pursue one direction, habit or thought and find that still small voice inside will suggest another way for you.

Trust what is peaceful and clear. The confusion is the lie wanting to be heard and can be obnoxious in wanting you to follow that. You begin to find and follow your purpose when you live your truth and highest self each day.

Slow down and listen. Are there things you are listening to that are throwing you into directions that harm instead of heal?

By thinking and speaking lovingly to yourself you begin to value the inner guide and self. Eliminate the chaos and focus on all that is positive, present and productive. Ignore the abusive thoughts, habits or beliefs that get in the way and trust the gentle guidance of the soul and self that knows.

Do you love yourself enough to hear the voice of yourself speaking, and follow it?

Work with this. Have fun exploring and experiencing the results.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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