“Instead of focusing on all you will miss, focus on where you are and the path before you.” Janet StraightArrow

I love change, new people, new places, new opportunities to express and experience life and myself. There is a surge of energy when leaving, breaking out and moving forward.

Letting go is always sweet sorrow. In order to move forward we must let go of the parts and people who do not travel this next leg of the journey with us. Honor all that has brought you here and bring the experience, learning and love with you.

We leave situations, people and places that are no longer who we are and where we need to be. Marriages, parents, children and family, jobs, school, friends, homes all are important in our life.

Honor the losses but do not stay there or you will never move into your next place.  Bring the good memories and keep the connections that help you bridge the next leg of your journey. Grieve the past even if it was a wonderful experience it is tough to let go sometimes.

Fear of change can be huge. The unknown is always ahead of us no matter where we are now. Surrender to co-creating the now and future everyday instead of focusing on the thoughts of fear.

Life is always a chance you take there are no guarantees. Make the best of whatever comes your way. Say no to options you do not want.

Here is a new rule you might not have gotten the memo on. Say yes to you and no to what is not best for you. You choose every moment. You are only stuck in your perspective and decisions. Choosing again is a course correction only known as you walk along the path.

When making decisions to move forward there will always be something wonderful you will miss and something you may not want to move into. Life is about balance and choosing.

No person or place is perfect. Each next leg of the journey offers you new experiences to enjoy and discover. Fear of change is fear of living and receiving more in your life.

You only move backwards when you hold onto the past instead of stepping into the future. Whether you feel you chose this next step or not, embrace the opportunity to grow and learn and experience life anew.

Know that you can always choose again and make corrections on your path along the way. Disempower fear. Look for new doors and windows to open in your life. Birth is a process that comes from letting go of the cocoon we were in before.

Let go of the old wrappings and allow the sun and nourishment of new beginnings to greet you. Awakening new each day allows all possibility to be open before us.

RS. I remember when I left a successful Real Estate career to live my life calling and passion, people would say, “What would you do if you fail?” I stood back a minute and said, “I guess I would sell everything and go sailing in the Caribbean.” They were taken aback and I said, “ Oh, you think I have to choose a bad option?”

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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