Everyday I am inspired to learn more in how I can assist people to Be The Medicine and live their truth and purpose. What I find is that often we accept too many things in our life as truth or real or unchangeable and do not look for answers to our problems.

Accepting blocks, inner dialogue, fears and problems as real and unchangeable keep us stuck. The truth does set you free, but first you have to stop accepting the lie.

Having walked a path of truth for most of my life I am always discerning the lie in all areas. I was raised to test everything with my own wisdom and perceptions, and that teaching went along with my nature.

Having the name StraightArrow, if people try to tell me a story or convince me of a lie, I say really?

At first questioning everything may seem like a lot of work or a big job, it is not. Not accepting everything as real saves you lots of time, energy and money.

Advertisers, government, many organizations and people depend on your not questioning their line. Buying products, fear or limitation keeps you stuck, vulnerable, a great consumer and feeling unable to be free.

Questioning everything allows you to make choices and be clear in all areas of your life.

I took this much farther by studying and being mentored by Masters, Shamans and Spiritual Teachers to challenge me to break all of my illusions, attachments and beliefs. I worked with different teachers for many years breaking through ego, illusion and pain and I was relentless and allowed them to be the same with me.

This became my new pathway and I saw how it answered all of my questions about health and living a good happy life. I wanted freedom and truth and I found it.

Truth is always inside of us; it is logical, clear and makes sense, even if we do not like it, or want it to be true. This is where we buy into illusion, because for various reasons, we want the lie to be true.

The problem is that when we buy into illusion it causes confusion in our minds, bodies and heart. We know the lie right off, but we are socialized and have patterns of belief that makes us want to deny it.

The truth only hurts when you have to deal with the consequences of not facing it sooner. Life is life, people will be people and circumstances are as they are. When we know truth we are clear in how to make choices and take action in our own best interest. When we buy the lie we are sitting ducks for all matter of problems and hurt and usury.

The biggest block to truth and freedom can be that you do not know, what you do not know. Be curious like a child in wonder of each thing or experience. Curiosity opens doors and windows to new experiences and realities and answers to previously accepted or unknown problems.

When the ego voice of you wants to say I know, stop yourself and see what is hiding behind that thought. What do you not know? Usually it is a big awareness and piece of knowledge that has been hidden from your view.

Enjoy the adventure. Stop believing in things, and question and learn more about everything and everyone in your life. A wealth of wisdom, knowledge and wonder await your discovery and living.

Enjoy the adventure,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You!

When you are ready to live truth and find your own answers, call me to assist you in finding your own pathway to you! As a mentor who walks the walk, I help you discover all of the illusions and heal the fears and move into your authentic Self with joy! 973-647-2500

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