We come to Spring again, 2011 is a time of great change for all on the planet. The astrological theme of this spring is balancing the physical and material with the soul and the spiritual aspects of life. It’s all one, not separate, and it’s important to be physical and spiritual now more than ever.


Spring in 1979, March 20, began with the birth of my youngest daughter, Lisa Michelle. I always told her she brought in the spring for me. I saw how different she was from her father, sister and myself. We are all summer babies born with all burners on, full of fire and action.

Lisa being born at the first moments of spring was soft, some aspects of her were still under the covers of winter, a dreamer and much slower to move than we were. She was born spiritual and the harshness of life was not easy for her. She taught me to slow down more, and be gentle and pay attention. What’s the hurry? Life is to be experienced and savored and discovered.

Sweetli was her handle in her Emails and more. Sweet, soft and loving, her life taught me to awaken these in myself. Her death twenty-nine years and 11 days after her birthday, taught me to fully live them with every breath.

I learned we can choose to live or die every moment and as difficult as it was, I chose to live. Fortunately and sadly, I was prepared for this, being a spiritual teacher and one who walks this bridge from heaven and earth everyday in many ways. I help people cross over and help their relatives hear and speak with them. And now on this journey with my own daughter, I explored new territory.

Lisa came to me the moment she died in the Ambulance, miles away from me working on her from the Hospital front lawn. She died around the corner from the home she was raised in and loved so much. She died quickly and without pain. It was her time to go and pave the way for the rest of us. I feel her love with me everyday since.

It’s been three years now and so much of me died in those years; attachment to many things, fear of death, rules, beliefs and ways of being that were no longer relevant. Life became more straight arrow than ever for me; things are now easily yes or no, without doubt.

Reclaiming the important things and appreciating every moment and every day and making every moment count even more, resulted. I learned this growing up with a chronically critically ill father who died young, but now facing the death of a child, my sweet Lisa, there was no time to waste.

A shattered heart breaks open to more love when you allow it. In our culture we hold onto life and try to avoid facing death. This creates restriction and fear and closing our hearts and minds to a full happy life.


Every moment and day is a gift to be cherished. Loving is our nature when we do not hold it in check, protecting it from being hurt or broken. The heart has an amazing capacity for loving and living when we are free to allow it.

Open your heart to love now. Be love in every moment and let go of the rest. If this were your last day on earth, how would you live it? Live it now! No time to waste.

Love yourself and others enough to share the whole you. Do not take abuse or allow poor relationships to continue to hurt all of you. Sometimes you have to love enough to let go, on earth, as in heaven. Love is being true to you.

Take a chance, open your heart to yourself and all and let the spring in; gently, softly and discover new life.

Happy Spring.
Enjoy the Adventure,
Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You!
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If I can be of service to help you awaken love and truth in your life please reach out to me.

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