Truth evolves as you do. The more aware you are, and the more you are focused on living free, the more you are able to live truth, without fear. Yes, it is fear that keeps us from the greatest truths.
When you are unclear or confused, it is always because the lie is trying to live in your head with the truth. You may see or know the truth of a situation, and you want it to be different. So you question the truth and the answer is always what you do not want it to be. So you say you are confused. No, you are denying truth.
We all have access to the truth every moment. The reason it is so challenging for people to trust themselves and others is because we have been trained in a false reality. As children we knew things adults did not want to acknowledge and so they told you whatever you knew was not the way your perceived it.
Family lies, and those of the collective, began because denial or looking away is how people cope. Trying to fit our reality into others reality is also a practice that we were trained in. Look outside to get a consensus from family, friends and authorities, before you decide what truth is, has been the way of our path and how you learn to feel safe or comfortable.
If others agree, then we can avoid attack or judgment. So fear is at the root of fitting in, instead of looking inside and trusting you. People do not want confrontation, or to be chastised, so they give up their truth for approval.
Unlearning this way is important. To learn to experience what you feel, see and know to be truth is an exciting journey. You may think you know truth, but until you live your life from the inside out without fear, you are living a story agreed to by and with others.
Its not just the judgment of others that creates fear, it is your self judgment that is the worst of all. We have no idea in the beginning of this discovery, how much we make up and how much we deny, until we do.
Letting go of attachments to how you want it to be, to allow what is, is a practice in itself. Wherever you are questioning or uncomfortable with is where you are not acknowledging the truth.
When you see truth, it is what it is and then you can be free to make decisions and move forward, whether you like it or not. To get off the autopilot of accepting lies is an unfolding and new learning, day by day.
Stop, learn and listen. How does this feel? Truth is comfortable underneath, even when it is not what is known. Lies mixed with truth are always confusing and agitating and have lots of stories attached. The more you have to fight for what you consider truth, the more you want to question where the lie is mixed in.
To be clear is to allow the world, people and yourself to be who they are, and what it is, like it or not. Absolute truth allows you to be free to make correct choices and move forward in all areas of your life with ease.
Don’t be afraid to be wrong, instead expect to find lots of places that you are off. This is how you learn and how you can be free to be. The good news is that when you let go of denial, others in your life are now free to be as well. Love yourself enough to begin this practice – your health, happiness and whole self will be grateful for the relief.
It is what it is, and then go from there with love, compassion and strength.

Enjoy the Journey,
Janet StraightArrow
Be the Medicine, Living the Power of You! 973-647-2500
Call StraightArrow to uncover the truths in your life so you can be happy, healthy and free. Joy and laughter are friends on the journey.

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  1. Celeste Hanson Gibbons says:

    It is a daily exercise to stay on the “truth” path.

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