The only way to know truth is through experience. A common belief in the culture is that you need to believe something to know truth. Truth cannot be known – peacefully, clearly and with no doubt – unless you have an experience of it and know it to be so.
No one else’s experience can take the place of having the experience for you. Belief is a short cut, fashioned to get people to neglect their intellect, and personal authority, which is giving your life and power away to someone or something else.
We have been trained to believe, and follow other peoples experience as truth, instead of having a heart, mind and soul of our own, to live and be in our life. It is an immature way of being led down a path, without truly engaging the being. This way of belief is based in confusion mixing the truth with some belief to control and create a system, culture, religion or group, and it creates dissonance and war in and outside of people.
I was raised in a religion that said, I believe, I believe, I believe, and at home my brilliant father said believe nothing, have your experience from discernment. I was more comfortable with the latter so I followed it.
I ran from that controlling manipulative way of religion, called spirituality when I left home at nineteen, and never looked back. It felt untrue except for the parts that resonated in my body. I did not care how many millions of people were sheep to those beliefs, many of them were not truth to me and I was comfortable with that.
I liked the singing, the community and the feeling of sacred I felt, when I sat and let go of the beliefs and rules and just enjoyed what was there for me. The belief of going to hell or being bad or a sinner, if I did not believe in rules and stories that made no sense, and felt bad in my telepathic body, did not capture me.
Living love, caring, consideration and truth with compassion and unconditional love without judgment made more sense to me. Living the life of Christ, instead of the beliefs and rules that were made to follow him which did not, was my comfort and calling to discover more of how can I live ,what he was said to have taught, that felt correct to me.
We are trained that if someone wrote it down it is true. We are trained to believe and know from there, and not question beliefs but feel comfortable because many others go and just follow along. I have found that many educated, brilliant people believe instead of know.
I remember going to an Ashram to experience a Hindu Guru and discover more about what that system was about, and I was handed a book to begin chanting their prayers and words in Sanskrit, an Ancient language, with everyone else. Instead I listened and followed along in English and decided if the words were truth for me, or just more beliefs.
I was not going to use my voice and being to sing things that were lies or controlling beliefs to follow along with. In the way we are trained in our schools and religions it might be disrespectful not to just join in blindly. I was more concerned about being a sheep creating more wrong in me, than to be right in the eyes of others.
There are many profound Universal truths in all religions and traditions. There are also a lot of lies, control, beliefs and fears mixed in with the sacred truths. It is for us to find our own way home to truth, love and by ourselves.
It is important not to be sheep in these times. We know there are many lies told to us daily and this leads the collective down roads we are better not to go on. It is important to stop belief and be more open, not less. I do not believe things, I experience them and know truth or not and act in truth. Question, be curious and be open to discovering the truth for you and leave the rest when appropriate without being bad or wrong.
I do not ask students or clients to believe in anything I teach, I ask them to be open to experience and see what occurs for them. They do not have to believe anything, but be open to what it is, and is not for them. I bring the best of what I have learned from traditions around the world that are based on Universal laws and nature and give them opportunities to experience truth for them.
The highest spirituality requires no belief, and this is a new way for many people who are taught to believe first and then follow the path in that direction. The highest truth is logical, simple, and clear and feels good in your body and life.
This way can be scary and confusing at first, or it can be very liberating. For you to discover what resonates for you and gives you comfort, power and freedom is a new concept to enjoy. Instead of a religion or an institution there is a comfort in the understanding of how the universe and nature works for all of us, all of the time.
To untangle the beliefs, fears and lazy pathways of learning through others experience, in ways that trap and control you, instead of leading you to openness and love, becomes easy to experience and discern when you are ready to be in the driver’s seat of your life, health and spirit.
I have not believed many of the things I now know to be true from continuous experience. Instead of belief, I allowed myself to be open to explore and be guided by my inner being. Not afraid to be wrong, or hurt someone’s feelings who hosted me, or taught me and not afraid to walk out in the middle of something that feels wrong, I have been open to experience what is correct and true for me.
I do not have to fight with someone or debate my truth and experience, as it is perfect for me, and brings clarity to all of my life. If I experience things over and over again in many situations I tend to keep exploring what is experienced and learn from that.
In our culture we have been trained away from our authority, and to give merit to things others told us to believe and experience. True teachers will not tell you that you have to believe anything, they are guides on the path who also help you let go of limiting beliefs, sheep like paths, and ego control, that keep your from truth, yourself and your spirit and soul.
True science is one of experience; and yet if someone tells you that they are a scientist, or an authority figure, and this is truth for them, we are trained to believe it, even when every bone in our body shouts, no!
Freedom to be and know truth does not cause wars in or outside of you. You know you are free and do not have to convince others of your experience. It is also a path of self-mastery, which means you have the authority to live your life and own your mind and heart. People joined together from this place can move mountains.
People will stay with beliefs and groups they do not believe in, just to belong. Without heart and soul participating, there is inner unrest and fear in the person and the group. Wanting your group to be right creates conflict and great loss.
Begin questioning yourself in everything you do and say. Ask, “Am I doing this because I know it, or because I think it from what I was told? Ask, “Where am I in this?” Ask, Do I feel this to be true from the inside, or am I following who I think I should be or believe?”
Let go of words, I think or believe, and any other words you use from your head. Stop yourself and see if what you are saying is true for you and speak from that place of knowing instead of putting a lot of theories or doubt out there, or in you.
The head thinks, the being knows. Learn to know what is true for you and build on that. Have fun exploring and experiencing what is true for you and see where that takes you on your path. It will be an adventure of learning, releasing what is not truth and learning more. Truth does set you free.
Enjoy the Journey,
Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You!
Janet StraightArrow is a loving guide on your path, assisting you to get out of your own way of living, that has not be working. Learn to step into your truth and experience, with no doubt, fear and blame. Your health, happiness, relationships and success in all areas of your life will open in myriad, powerful ways.
“I an honored to midwife people into their true selves, and be a part of this sacred journey of discovery and wonder. Life is amazing, simple and clear when you step into your own wisdom, power and purpose with grace and ease.” JSA
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