Valentines Recipe – Seasons Delights

Winter is a time of deep reflection and clarity about new directions while shedding anything blocking your way. For many it is a time of preparation, and not fast action. Winter takes us inward to rest on some levels, and prepare for the rebirth of spring.
Hurry up and wait may be your experience. Quell the hurry up and instead of waiting, use this time well. Sit back and prepare, as you feel guided to be and do in your life each moment. In a go go go world we miss the rich messages and opportunities to steer us in the best direction for ourselves.
Subtle and whisper soft are the inner voice and higher mind helping you follow your own timing and calling. Tuning into these will give you surety and confidence as you listen and learn, follow and experience the best for you.
Learning to trust you and move into new territories is a practice worth cultivating. Change is normal and necessary to allow the best to be. Holding on to the old: people, ways and perspectives do just that-hold you back.
When you create a space for you and all possibility, new opportunities and grace appear to awaken new life. As the mother incubates the baby so the winter holds us dear and prepares us for rebirth.
Take advantage of being inside in all ways. Allow the inner to lead you to the outer world in alignment with your best self. This requires being still and quiet in order to receive and reflect before doing.
Meditation is not just in a set time each day, but a way of life when it becomes habit to connect to the highest source and be quiet and receptive. From this place you will find that life becomes simpler, clear and more positive and productive.
Begin today so that when spring arrives you blend the blooming with the gratitude and grace of being that you have developed this winter.
It is mid-winter and you still have time to take advantage of the season. Eat healthy grounding foods and enjoy nourishment, feeding you exactly what you need to build strength for the fast action, spring will bring.
Comfort foods are far from comfortable when your clothes are tight and your mood is less than bright. Instead of colds and flu as natures way to slow you down, choose to let go and find a simple rhythm of inner joy and wonder.
Enjoy intimate time with friends and those you love. Explore things you never have time for when it’s warm outside. New habits of self-care will serve you well. Enjoy reading, writing, family games, and develop new hobbies or revisit old ones. Turn off the TV and limit the computer and participate in life anew.
Winter is full of possibilities and purpose. Pull up a chair by the fire and find a new focus and center with appreciation and joy!
Enjoy the Journey,
Janet StraightArrow
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