Be No Doubt

Living in a world where you have been taught to depend on believing things from the authority of people who make no logical sense, it is no wonder you are filled with doubt more that you would like.
Doubt is born of the confusion of truth and lies, right and wrong, desire and creation, magic and expected. As children we were discouraged from our innate knowing and wisdom and to believe what adults, or what other power figures, told us was true.
My father taught me to honor my experience and question everything. Not to doubt or believe, but to discern and know how I feel and what is truth, and to trust myself.
My mother was riding the fence, with a major focus on fitting in and being accepted, and also high integrity and knowing the truth. I did my best to survive the dyslexic teachings in my home and my outer world influences.
I was shy and quiet as a result. It was a tough road honoring my own perceptions the best I could, while avoiding trauma, humiliation or being punished beyond repair.
I was sick a lot and carried tremendous pain in my body and heart. No wonder. Watching my father die slowly, and my mother try to keep it all together in the face of losing dad any minute, was a juggling act of tremendous proportion, for all of us.
When the doctor told me I was on the same path of disease, pain and shortened life as my father I stepped up to the plate and said NO! This is where I broke through and I had no doubt that I could change my fate, and live a long happy healthy life.
This choice and knowing fueled my journey from that moment on to Be The Medicine and heal myself, and choose the life I want. It has been a life of challenge testing me all the way, and still I trusted myself, and followed my heart, even when it made no sense to others.
Studying with renowned teachers and healers for decades helped me bring together a healing, awakening process that works for people from all walks of life.
Working through doubt and pain is an important part of Be The Medicine. Letting go of illusions and distractions from your best course, is a multi-leveled adventure to uncover, heal and manifest your best life.
Life is what you make it. Release doubts and empower the truth you know in your own mind and heart, even when no one else agrees. It moves you into your best direction – not theirs.
Have fun finding all the places you hide from your true self, tell on yourself to yourself, so you can be focused and free immediately.
Being no doubt means owning your feelings and innate wisdom. Have fun with it. See you life and health bloom and rebuild itself on a strong foundation.
Blessings on your path to freedom, health, happiness, truth, love and lightening up, all areas of your life to work FOR you!
Enjoy the Journey.
Janet StraightArrow,
Healer, Teacher, Wisdom Keeper, Author
Be the Medicine, Living the Power of You!

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