Be Awake

Life does not just happen to you or others, there is always cause and affect, and many reasons why things occur.
You have responsibility for your life. You are not an actor on a stage.
You are a living, vibrant being who chooses and is chosen, moment-by-moment.
The choices are infinite as you focus on your direction each day.
When you first realize the expansiveness, it can be scary and too big to experience, or explore.
Breathe, and let yourself open to new possibilities, as you break through old limiting beliefs and fears.

All of us are sleeping in various ways. Waking up is a daily practice, and a continuous adventure.
Everyday, challenge yourself to live more fully and open to what the world is offering you.
Step back and be an observer. Life, self, and others look very different and more true, from a detached perspective.
From this place your words and actions can be clear, strong and wise, instead of old patterns and emotional reactions that do not serve you.

The focus on mastering awareness is an important first and ongoing step in Be The Medicine.
You will raise your level of intelligence, success, health and knowing.
Increased awareness also brings more simplicity and ease into your life.
Only when you see outside of the boxes you live in, can you then stretch into more of your potential and being.

The longer I walk the path of awareness and healing, the more I learn about, and enjoy my life.
Instead of expecting perfection from myself and others, compassion and curiosity reigns.
Without judgment, fear or blame, I am a student of life, ready to self-correct and learn even more.
This is one secret of healing, and mindful, happy living; to be in the moment, in gratitude and openness, willing to learn.

Enjoy the Journey to You,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You!

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