Notes and Quotes to Support Your Journey


Dear Friends, We are moving through deep transformative times. Along with all of you I have been moving very quickly through internal changes. Its all very exciting and can be scary for some.

I have been writing on Facebook daily. As I begin a new blog I find it is covered in a sentence or two or a paragraph so I put it on Facebook and feed into Twitter. I will begin writing Blogs here again soon. Enjoy these writings from my two main Facebook pages and sign up for my Facebook pages to enjoy daily support and loving messages. They always seem to be perfect for the day.

I hope the quotes below are a loving support on your journey. InJoy!

PS I am also working on many new programs and classes and this website too. See Upcoming Events for the latest dates and locations. More soon. Namaste. Janet StraightArrow

rainbowlightperson“TO BE COMPASSIONATE, we first look in our own closet and see our amazing beauty, and rows of messy bits, and love us all the same. As humans we all have challenges, lessons and gifts. No one is better or worse, we just play different roles at different times, in different ways. When we get this, we let go of the burden of good, or bad, and unconditionally offer love to all, and us too! This transforms everything. Love to all of our beautiful souls, and messy bits too. Peace on earth begins with us.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


heart_love“LOVING US THROUGH. As we sit in a neutral space, we can appreciate and observe where we are, where we have come from, and be in awe of the growth, peace, grace and love we are. Gratitude.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


IMG_6185“STAY POSITIVE. The universal energy of love is helping us now more than ever. As we are breaking through ego, old patterns and becoming more sensitive and aware, it is uncomfortable. Let go of negative dialogue-ego and fear, and move to higher ground. Its only a pass through to feeling better all the time. Namaste.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine StraightArrow OutOfTheBox Coaching

photo “COMPASSION means we are all in this together. When one of us is challenged or hurting, we offer loving kindness. No judgment, blame or shame or feeling sorry. There but for the grace go each one of us. Imagine if when each person is struggling, hurting or needs support, we all send unconditional love to help them rise again? Lets do it and be it and watch the world become humane. This is living heaven on earth. Happy Friday and everyday. Shine On. Namaste.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


 “If we want what we want, we must be willing to do our part.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


Balance“Happiness is a vibration that resides within all of us. When we are able to relax and be, joy is likely to bubble up and out naturally.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


photo9.jpg  “Peace is acceptance. Anger comes from the world not matching our expectations. When we let go of attachment to wanting something else, we can rest in what is, and flow from there.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


photo“We are only stuck when we see things in a way that does not work. When we change our perspective, a whole new life appears.” Janet StraightArrow StraightArrow OutOfTheBox Coaching

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Intuition Our First Sense with Janet Online


Healing and Wholeness   INTUITION: OUR FIRST SENSE with Janet StraightArrow

on Life Out Loud With Junie Moon

On this recorded webinar linked below Janet StraightArrow speaks about your greatest gift, and how to listen, trust and learn from it to create your best life and health. Intuition is something each being on the planet has to keep them safe as well as to guide them everyday. As you become more comfortable with this ability and practice using it, your life becomes easier, simpler and more successful and real.

How can we know who we are, and live our authentic self, when we do not listen to our intuitive knowing? Janet will help you see how you have been taught to live against yourself and help you remove fear, beliefs and any blocks that keep you from trusting yourself, as she reinforces ways to step into the power of that you have inside.

Enjoy a fun discussion with Janet and Junie Moon Schreiber our host and learn how to tune in and see how we can awaken our intuition more and be free to be.


Live The Power Of You!

Live The Power Of You!

Intuition is one of the main the keys to Be The Medicine. Knowing on the deepest levels and living it allows us to be happy, healed and whole. Clink on the above link and join us and listen at your leisure.

Be The Medicine Website Email Janet for Private Sessions or More

ENJOY OUR LATEST NEWSLETTER  full of opportunities to live more love. Free meditation recording and more.

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Living The Power of Love

Begin the Adventure Today!

Living the life of love is an amazing experience. Walking the walk each day, is an adventure. Being challenged by people and the world falls away more easily, as we tune into and live our deepest truth, strength and joy – LOVE.

Love is our divine nature manifesting on earth. Each one of us chooses love or fear with each breath, thought and action. We are not victims, we are all able to stand up for love. Letting go of having to have life and people our own way, or match someone elses’ ideas or  energy for approval allows us to create a better life and reality for us and all.

heart_love  We are all Masters of Love.

As a child I heard Mastery teachings and followed them through. I let go of fear and negativity and embraced wholeness and love. This led me on a magnificent journey. It has been a most difficult one, and now I realize that is where the freedom comes. I feel like Indiana Jones often, as I am about to fall between the cracks of pain and unhappiness and then land in a safe haven of love.

All of our classes and sessions open you up to the loving self-healing master you are. We have fun as we translate wisdom teachings into living them in everyday life.

Stand up for Love and see where it takes you. I learned that the spiritual healing journey, is simply to be more love each day. Its quite the journey. I invite you to focus your intent, and enjoy the ride.

Happy Valentines Day All!

May you find all the love you need inside and watch the outer world match you in Love Too!

Enjoy our latest Newsletter Filled with Love and Opportunities.


Blessings of Delight.

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine Live the Power of You!

Call Today for Loving Support on Your Journey. 973-647-2500 Email

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True Bravery: What Are You Willing to Live For?

Be Who You Are

Be Who You Are

In this crazy mixed up world, people are complaining all the time. When we remember and live empowered with who we are, life gets easier and problems turn into solutions.

Imagine if we just lived the life we wanted and accepted the results? I discovered that when I speak about truth and happiness on Facebook, there are fewer likes on those posts. Why are we afraid to be happy and tell the truth?

Living love, peace, truth and joy are revolutionary acts and well worth the living. Can you participate in this revolution? Breaking out of cultural beliefs, and fears, from all fronts and backs, and just being full of life and joy anyway, might make people suspicious? Or What? Feeling good about ourselves and life doesn’t break any rules does it?

Living for love, peace and joy moves us all, and makes life work, and it is worthwhile. Looking up, instead of pointing fingers, gets things done. Having fun, means you are full of life force energy and moving forward. Breaking up anti-life thoughts and actions frees us all.

Live Love

Live Love

Life is to be lived, and not focused on fear or dying. I watched my father die for 21 years and almost went with him. Instead at fifteen I noted the patterns of mind, body and spirit that caused breakdown and death and changed them in myself when our family doctor told me I was following my fathers path and would not last as long. Be The Medicine was born that day, when I said no to a death sentence.

When my daughter died unexpectedly eight years ago, again I had a choice to live or die. I chose life with every breath, and to survive and focused on thriving again. It took a lot of effort and time to feel fully alive again. Healing and love continue to unfold more each day.

I broke free of what was expected, honored my process, and put my effort on recovery and full healing. We do not need to follow a downward spiral. Its always a choice and we can wake up anytime.

It has not been an easy journey and I have lost more than I will talk about here, and yet I have gained deep compassion, peace, love and respect for our challenges as humans. You can do this too. Be a rebel to what is against you, and choose for you with every thought, word, and action as best you can each day.

Focus on life, and making it work for you, wherever you are. No matter how bad it gets, the negative thoughts in our head, and our belief in them, are what kill us.

The truth will set us free, and that truth is we do not need to live in sickness, pain and misery.

Choose life, love and happiness and pass it on.

People will learn there is no need for war, when the war inside of us stops, and we choose to be free.

Sending Love to All,

logo4Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet StraightArrow is an inspiring and grounded coach in guiding and assisting you to break free of whatever is preventing you from being healthy and happy, and helps you move forward to live your best life. Direct and to the point, and yet with compassion and love, she sees through the illusions and blocks that keep us stuck in ways we did not even know about before. She helps you find new ways of looking at things that empower change and resolution. Working with Janet you find that happiness and truth sets us free. Call Janet today and live the high life, naturally. Call 973-647-2500 Email 

Check out our Facebook pages and enjoy inspirational wise encouraging and fun posts.  Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine Awaken to be Free StraightArrow OutOfTheBox Coaching ,

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

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Twenty years ago I became a Reiki Master. Of all of the extensive healing studies and experiences that I had for the 28 years’ prior, this tradition of Reiki attunements’ and teachings changed my life and many others since.

Today Reiki is accepted and used in Medical practices as an adjunct to surgery and treatments. It is used for relaxation and allowing healing to occur. The gift of Reiki is now available more than ever and people are willing to accept the healing and possibilities that are awakened.

When I was first attuned to Reiki in 1994, it was not well known or accepted. Reiki opened me in ways that were exactly what I was seeking. On all levels of body, mind and spirit, I experienced healing, peace and love. All of the other modalities and healing I researched and practiced became more enhanced with Reiki. As I continued teaching and working with students and clients, more understanding and abilities unfolded helping thousands of people.


A perfect support to Be The Medicine, Reiki begins a journey to self-healing and helping others in simple, clear ways. We are self-healing beings and Reiki helps us learn and awaken how to accomplish this.

Reiki is a practice with great purpose and results and an amazing new journey to experience and grow with. Massage therapists and other health care practitioners, and mental health, nursing and doctors in traditional medical practice, to holistic doctors, modalities, practices and therapies, increase their energy, understanding and results with their patients and clients.

Reiki is an energy healing modality that taps into our divine nature as health. Being a channel for healing is to awaken our innate gifts as humans. We allow healing and release fear as we learn to be one with our nature of healing and health.



Magic happens when we align with the truth of us. It is simple and easy because it is our nature that we are awakening to. Learning to let go of beliefs and fears that block healing is important in receiving the energy and raising our cellular vibrations. Our best protection is allowing our inner light to shine fully.

There are no promises given for results and the client and student are encouraged to follow medical support as they know is needed for them. Over 22 years of practice I have witnessed amazing healing in people of body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul.

Since achieving Reiki Master I have continued my studies and deepened my practice and yet as more people are ready I find that Reiki is the best way to bring people into natural energy healing and awakening their inner gifts.

Anyone can study Reiki and discover more about healing and how to use it with themselves and others. There is always a focus on self-healing to help us through our personal challenges and to be a clear channel for others. Each Reiki class and session is full of joy. Each person receives what they need, and more than they imagine. It is always a gift for all who give and receive.

Be-the-Medicine03-1 Be The Medicine Reiki adds teachings and experiences that offer deeper understanding, receiving, and giving for the practitioner and their students and clients too. When I learned Reiki I did not fully understand healing as I do now. Because of the ongoing work I have practiced and studied with Masters from around the world, and my work with clients and students, there is grounded understanding and knowledge passed on in each class and session.

A Reiki Master is a teacher. Even if you never teach a class, to be a master we are expected to be able to know the whole system to teach clients and students and to attune people to the energy. A Master is one who knows and can impart Reiki to others.

In Japan the founder of Reiki, Dr. Usui, is said to have taught a ten-year apprenticeship to become a Reiki Master. In the west this tradition has been shortened. There is so much to learn and experience it is important in these times to feel you have a complete understanding of each level of Reiki you receive and practice.

In these times some teach Reiki 1 and 2 in as little as a few hours and some teach all three including Master levels in a weekend. My concern has always been that we have enough teaching and practice so that everyone is fully trained and feels confident in their Reiki practice so that they use it for themselves and others easily.


In the program I have developed over twenty years, we have a 12 hour or 2-day class Reiki 1, with attunements, practice and homework. Reiki 2 is 15 hours or three sessions of more attunements, remote and bodywork practice and learning with remote practice in between classes. The last day or evening of Reiki 2 is scheduled weeks later to allow practice and experience to continue and follow up with deeper teachings. Reiki Master is a six day 36-hour class scheduled over several months with attunements, advanced teachings and review of the entire system at an advanced level and homework in between sessions.

I suggest at least one, one on one session with the Master in each level, and offer a discount for that to encourage deeper learning and experience. We can answer any questions and learn more through this personalized session that heals on more levels. Reiki practices in between are available to deepen your practice and receive healing as well.

I am honored to pass on this tradition and awaken healing in those who participate. You do not need any special preparation except to be open to receive and learn. It is a gift with many blessings and new beginnings on our human and spiritual journey, no matter where we are.

Healing and Wholeness

All Possibility

Love and Blessings of Delight, Janet StraightArrow

Contact Janet at 973-647-2500

See Janet’s website, calendar and Reiki Training Page on

If you have a group who desires trying, Janet will travel to your location.


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Schedule Sessions to Begin your New Year Strong

“Worldwide sessions through Skype and Phone or locally in person. Gift certificates offered. May this be a support on your journey.Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

STRAIGHTARROW MEDICINE. Janet StraightArrow is available to guide you on a profound healing and awakening journey. After nearly five decades of research and practice with others and self, Janet has developed insight to see what is interfering with you. She sees and hears what you do not, and awakens you to a new perspective, and changes your life immediately.

As the ego wants to hold us in place. Janet is patient in helping you see yourself true, in love and understanding as we unravel all of the pieces, and you learn to live the solutions. Its an amazing journey and worth the trip.  Janet may be the last person you call after trying everything else, she will be the first person you refer to others to shorten their journey.

Call today. Session package discounts. Phone, Skype or in person. 973-647-2500

Each session is focused on what you need that day to receive the results you are looking for. Possibilities are: PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL AND SOUL HEALING. SPIRITUAL GUIDE AND TEACHER. Energy Healing, Astrology, Medical Intuition, Coaching, Shamanic Journeying, Space Clearing, Getting Unstuck, Release anxiety, fear, beliefs and blocks. Learn Meditation, Self – Healing or Soul Connection and more. See session details on the pages on this website at the top of this page.


DIRECTLY TO THE POINT. “One session with Janet StraightArrow is worth two years of Therapy.”

Live The Power Of You!

Live The Power Of You! LEARN HOW TO BE THE MEDICINE.                “My progressive work with Janet has given me a life and health better than when I was younger. I no longer accept deterioration and pain and disease as a necessary part of aging. I have learned how to not only heal and reverse past problems but also prevent any new problems from becoming permanent.”

BREAKTHROUGH INSIGHTS “Over the last few years, I have been going through huge changes and taking bold actions to step into my soul purpose. Janet has been an incredible support and guide through this process. Whenever I hit a block or create some sort of incident that hinders me, Janet is always able to help me unveil what is in my way and where I need healing. I am truly grateful for her insights and wisdom.”

ANXIETY FREE.”Thanks so much for your support and encouragement.  The stress in my life was becoming overwhelming. The teachings and tools you have given me have greatly increased my ability to cope in a more effective manner.  I feel much better!! When that panicky feeling starts, I can implement your easy techniques. Thanks so much!!”

HEALING HEALERS. “Janet StraightArrow has given me a new strong foundation and filled in many missing pieces I did not even know were needed. Working and learning with StraightArrow took me right to the core and changed my life and improved my healing practice 100%. Be The Medicine teaches you how to be you on all levels. Thank You Janet.”

HEALING OTHERS “Janet StraightArrow and Be the Medicine gives healing practitioners tools they can use for their own personal work and also easily integrate into any modality (whether traditional or holistic) to create healing at the deepest levels.”

Healing and Wholeness

All Possibility

I look forward to the adventure with you. Best, Janet

Contact Janet to see how you can work together.

Make appointments directly with Janet. 973-647-2500 Email Janet
Sessions available worldwide by Phone or Skype or In Person.

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Releasing the Blocks that Free Our Lives



It’s Okay NOT to Be Okay

In our lives we have been trained to make things okay that are not. It is exactly what we tolerate in others and us that take us down. Saying I am fine, is a cover up because we do not know how to change what is hurting in our lives.

When we admit what we feel and know, then we can free ourselves, and heal and move forward. The ego’s original purpose was to help us survive trauma by covering things up, or making things okay that were not. From this we develop patterns of avoidance, excuses and reasons not to deal with what is hurting us.

Healing the ego wounds underneath these layers of protection and patterns is the journey to allow the truth and love to surface and stop sabotaging us.

As I work with clients’ serious illness and everyday problems, both physical and emotional, I find the lies in the head translate into breakdown in the person. As I work with professional clients, these are the same things that hamper inner and outer success and happiness. Remember it’s only when we admit a problem that we can solve it.



Truth Does Set You Free

Finding truth after years and decades of ego protection is tricky. It takes quite a bit to unwind what is set in us all of our life. It is good to have someone who sees you lovingly without judgment or blame to help you unravel what we cannot see that keeps us stuck.

There Are Always Solutions

When we know there is not a problem without a solution we can bravely seek those solutions. If we feel hopeless, we are stuck.

Releasing shame, blame, fear and attachment to ways that do not work for us is the journey. It is a process to allow the pain of feeling bad to melt away and have compassion that we all have much to release and heal as humans. We are naturally good and when we know that we can tap into our nature of goodness and be free.



Zero Tolerance

It is a brave new pattern to acknowledge what is not okay immediately and face it to heal. It becomes easier when we stop blaming our self, and become curious and allow us to be wrong, in order to find solutions.

Allow self to let go of beliefs, fears, people, jobs and places that do not work keeps us happy, healthy and sane, even when others judged us. The ones that judge are family, friends and others who are stuck where we are free. Have compassion and do not try to match them.

A Lifelong Process that Gets Easier.

I have walked this walk consciously for decades. Truth has been my compass for freedom all my life. Finding the inner beliefs and fears that keep us from truth has been something I have worked with many teachers, therapists and Masters with over the years.

It is a daily practice. I have overcome illness and pain of all types by facing truth and finding solutions. This helped me develop a body of work, Be The Medicine, focused on us healing us.

rainbowlightpersonBegin Today.

Reread the above paragraphs they are profound and powerful when we embrace and live them. We deserve a happy, healthy life with good relationships and peace.

Best Wishes on your Journey,

Be-the-Medicine03-1Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!


STRAIGHTARROW MEDICINE. Janet StraightArrow is available to guide you on your healing and awakening journey. After nearly five decades of research and practice with others and self, Janet has developed wisdom, accuracy and insight to see what is interfering with you. She sees and hears what you do not, which awakens you to a new perspective, and changes your life immediately.

As the ego wants to hold us in place. Janet is patient in helping you see yourself true in love and understanding as we unravel all of the pieces, and you learn to live the solutions. Its an amazing journey and worth the trip.  Janet may be the last person you call after trying everything else, she will be the first person you refer to others to shorten their journey.

Call today. Session package discounts. Phone, Skype or in person. 973-647-2500


If you would like this blog in your mailbox please sign up on blogsite See Schedule and more on this website.

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Dealing With Family and Other Strangers


There are many ideals and illusions about family. How they are close and loving and supportive and enjoy one another as special people. If we are lucky, this is our situation.

The reality is not there for many. people are people and have their own unique way of being them and being in relationship with you.

Family is who you are born to, not who you are.

Sometimes we cannot understand other people, especially family. How they see themselves and you too, is their own unique reality, as is yours.

In family everything is challenged about us. When we expect unconditional love, peace and a safe harbor, we may find a war zone in and outside of us. The only safe place is letting go of who you think everyone should be and accept who we are.

Sun to Sun Soul to Soul

We do not have to like it, nor does it have to make sense.

When things go awry we know that we have hit expectations. Instead of getting mad that others are not in the same reality as you, go deep inside and be true to you and find love and peace.

All of our issues come up in family, they are mirrors for us to learn from. Jealousy, competition, and even loyalty hurt when we do not honor us.

No one else has the same vision or opinion. No one needs to be right or wrong.

In these Holiday times take care of you and your family and friends who support you. Send love and peace to all.


Let go of need for having your own way and being accepted by family and others, just create your own Holiday, home and fun without expectation and pain.

When we let go of how things are supposed to be we find a loving reality of how they are.

Enjoy the Journey.

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

Janet helps you untangle the web of relationships, expectations and family, and you find inner peace and new ways to live free. No one has to change, but us. When we do the world we live in changes too. Find out how.

Live the Power of You!

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Sign Up for Events coming up.



MONDAY DECEMBER 21, 2015 7-9:30PM

Janet StraightArrow holds a highly energetic neutral ceremony that honors all. As we move into the seasonal shifting of dark to light, we also honor the calendar year gone by, and look towards the New Year ahead. Honoring the earth and her people, nature and worldly concerns, we open to the magic and mystery of life together. The Winter Solstice is honored by all traditions as the bringing of the sun, the light. Standing stones are lined up to align with the winter solstice sun around the world. We will begin with a ceremony and work with the elements and 7 directions and remember our sacred connections making it all relevant to our everyday lives. Let’s have fun! Meditations, journey, teachings and sharing with themes that unfold. Enjoy sacred space and feel relaxed and renewed. Bring your intentions and joy, journals, pens and any healthy snacks to share. Drums, rattles, and any instruments welcome.
Janet StraightArrow found her calling while being a top producing Realtor in Morris County. This led her on an amazing journey of spiritual awakening and studying with spiritual masters and Shamans from traditions from around the world. Holding ceremonies, circles and profound classes and retreats in the northeast for decades, Blending the spiritual with our everyday material world is Janet’s specialty. For more on Janet see her website at or call her at 973-647-2500.               $40. Or $35. for each of you if you bring a friend. PREPAY on go to make a payment and fill in and $40. Checks by 12/15 to Janet StraightArrow, 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940

Janet StraightArrow's photo.
 SOUL SHAMANISM 101 BE WHOLE with Your Life, Body & Soul

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY January 23-24, 2016, 9:30Am to 4:30PM
Join Janet StraightArrow as she initiates you into your-soul-self.
In this practice from Siberia you will be initiated and explore your inner space that directly reflects your body and entire multidimensional life. You will join with your other half-your spirit twin and find home in you body and soul. This practice offers you profound healing and knowing and you will never feel alone again.
You have direct access to your inner wisdom and knowledge.
The Spirit Lake and Spirit Twin offer profound and immediate healing and learning. This Universal, Spiritual Shamanic practice makes the mystical – practical, immediate and real in everyday life and working with others. Awaken Medical Intuition and other spiritual gifts and abilities.

A great class for healers, teachers, therapists, coaches and All who are ready to Be and Live who they truly are. From this day forward you will feel empowered by the depth of your soul, self and all of your personal connections and tools received from this experiential class. Your life purpose awakens and readies you to move forward in all areas of your life in profound, simple, clear ways.
Meet and learn grounded ways to experience your spiritual self, guides and teachers. Heal yourself deeply and directly from present concerns and past hurts. Find inner peace, tranquility and knowing.

Enjoy this profound addition to your spiritual healing tool bag that is a precious gift. Soul Shamanism takes Shamanic Practice to new deeper and higher levels for Shamanic Practitioners, Healers and everyone. This class is an important beginning to assist you to Be The Medicine.
Suggested Book to Read, before or after: Entering the Circle by Olga Kharitidi, MD on lineage from Siberia.
Investment $350 when prepaid by 1/15, $375 after.
Bring notebook, pens, lunch-snacks, and wear comfy clothing.
Credit cards use, log onto account using email and fill in amount. Checks to Janet StraightArrow 39 Greenwood Ave, Madison, NJ 07940

Janet StraightArrow Shaman, Spiritual Teacher-Healer and Medical Intuitive, has dedicated her life to living, teaching, healing and assisting people to: Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You! You can expect new teachings, transformation and laughter whenever you are with her. StraightArrow has been teaching and healing for twenty years and has studied with Masters around the world and developed simple, clear and profound ways to assist people in all aspects of their life, health, relationships, career and living their life purpose.







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Todays Facebook Quote


“STAYING SANE IN AN INSANE WORLD requires staying out of the insanity. The more we debate it or try to figure it out the more we become it. We can see clearly what is going on and send love and healing and do our best in our life where we are. The question to ask in any situation is, “What is my place in this?” If you are full of emotion and righteousness, you are not in a productive space yet. Stay awake to what helps and let go of what hurts. Hold all in Love. This is my place to offer.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

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