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“Working with Janet has been life-changing by deepening my awareness of myself. She is compassionate, direct and her techniques are simple yet profound. The simplicity of her work makes it easy to use the tools in everyday life, which for me is one of the greatest gifts. Above all, she approaches life and process of healing with a lot of laughter making the journey of self-discovery and healing so much more fun.”

Dear Friends,

Being us and knowing who and what that is, is our spiritual journey of awakening and living. Living our truth from a deep inner place is the gift that changes everything for the best. Our greatest loss is in betraying ourselves. It is not about where we fit in on the outside, it is about opening up who we are on the inside, and being brave enough to bring us out.

It takes bravery at first because we are oriented to look outside of us for us, and try to fit into groups, family, and please others as our main focus. Throughout our life, we compare, judge, and try to fit expectations to avoid challenges and pain.

As we wake up and grow up we realize our greatest pain is in neglecting our true self and actual life. Health, relationships, work, happiness, confidence, and life purpose all blossom with authenticity.

At some point, we decide to fight the tide of our life that is not working and create our life anew. Our life can work for us and not against us when we understand higher spiritual laws and how to live them in everyday life.

When I found my calling and purpose, it opened me to so many new and magical realities. I had been living and studying mastery and truth all along, and yet when my timer went off to awaken deeper truth and move into my whole self, those understandings helped me step into who I am with assurance.

To move from being a suburban mom, top Realtor, and family member to a Spiritual leader, healer, teacher, and sage was not what my family or community expected.

Having lived my life from my inner self for decades, helped me trust me, over anyone else. It has been a wild ride and I would not have traded this journey for another. This inner trust and guidance is something I teach and encourage all people to focus on and develop as this is the greatest key to everything.


Having lived this fully in business and life helps me help you find your way home to you too. Decades of living truth allow me to see very quickly where you can come back in alignment with the true you.

We have fun as we break through boxes of illusions to freedom, fun, true personal power, and confidence.

Having studied with masters, healers, and teachers from traditions around the world in the community as well as working one-on-one with several for years has helped me refine my journey. Living it in life and working as a healer-teacher with many thousands of people directly has been the greatest education.

My purpose has been to teach people to Be The Medicine, with powerful, real ways to accomplish this. It has been a very comprehensive study and journey. To be The Medicine you are living who you are on all levels and manifesting from there. It is the walk I have walked and I understand the pitfalls and how to manifest the best life and solutions.

All of our sessions and classes help you strengthen your inner self to maximize all areas of your life. You may come to heal disease, anxiety, relationship, work, to learn new skills in healing, spirituality, and life and find greater purpose.

You leave feeling comfortable with your clear direction, with practices, teaching, tools, and healing that awakens and clears the way to move directly on your own path.

There are many layers and levels of learning and healing available as you are ready to take advantage of opportunities with me here. It is not just about the classes or the material, it is about the deeper awakening to your mastery that occurs, that I encourage you to discover and live.

The Self-Sustaining human is who we become, living in the world and not of it, in the community as our true self, this is what will heal the world one person at a time. Each one of us makes a powerful difference.

I am here to support your journey as we are both called.

Blessings and Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Phone 973-647-2500

Email  Website

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Fall in Love with Your Life Harvest Your Dreams

“May we continually harvest the gold inside of us. Fall in love with possibilities, opportunities, and the positive present.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

New Location in Morristown. Also traveling to other locations. See events page for current offerings. More soon. private sessions in-person, phone, Zoom

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Dear Friends,
We are at a significant shift point. Collective planets that were retrograde are moving direct. Leaves are turning, days are shorter, back to work and school, its time to get things done.

Fall is the season of harvest. As the planet Saturn turned direct this week, it supports all of our growth and hard work towards manifestation.

Saturn supports our structure and all of our actions. If we are in alignment with our best, we move forward. If we have not endorsed our best self, it will challenge us to help us make the correct choices to live our highest potential.

Words create. In every moment, our body and spirit hear what we say, and we harvest what we produce with our thoughts. Good, bad, happy, or sad, we co-create our reality with our words, beliefs, and intentions.

Our world changes immediately with our attitude. When we know this, we can be proactive in what is unfolding in our life. Pay attention to keep our thoughts and words to what we want in our life. Being positive and productive is possible when we focus our attitude in that direction.

When we are feeling “off”, it is helpful to stop and listen to our internal dialog. The most prevalent thought process that creates suffering is the judgment of self and others. Any negative thoughts or beliefs create that negative reality. In a world where we are supposedly born sinners, we cannot wrap ourselves around our goodness and divinity.

Letting go of judgment allows us to lighten up and look inside to decide what we want to create a better dream of who we are and what we choose to live. Imagine a definite reality that supports you. The Universe always follows our lead.

The most important focus of Be The Medicine is to continually look inside of us and discover who we are and manifest our best self and life in every aspect of our being.

It is a joy to be a midwife of this process for people. Having lived this for over five decades, I can perceive what can assist you on your behalf.

As we realign us with our whole self and potential, we bring it into the worldly experience.

Face Everything And Relax, is an excellent re-framing of the meaning of the word fear. When we see and know the truth, then we can do what it takes to manifest or release what no longer serves.

Real power is knowing our strengths and living them. We can all have the best in our life. as we focus on our best  we open the pathway, and then stay on that track.

Join us for a class or a session to discover subtle and real ways to enjoy the life you want and live it fully each day. Each teaching and practice offers a direct experience of our true self and all of our possibilities. See coupon below for new location discount.

The truth sets us free, and it’s fun to be happy, healthy, and able to respond productively in all aspects of our life and health.

Enjoy the Harvest Celebrations and Festivals of the Season.
Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

“Its all in the choosing. I was raised that the word can’t, is not a word. The word is, I choose. This powerful truth has over lighted my entire life. Instead of saying, can’t, I take control of my choices. Often I discover that I do not want to, or I choose not to, instead of can’t. The power of choice in all areas of my life centers me in me, taking full responsibility. Life-works, when we work with it. Note what you are choosing and enjoy empowered living.” Janet StraightArrow 

Enjoy more in today’s newsletter.

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Awaken Spiritual Mastery

Happy September all. New Beginnings for many of us. I am moving 9/16 and will be based in Morristown just a few miles away. Several of our classes have been rescheduled for later in the next weeks so do check our events calendar for updates. Soul Shamanism is in Morristown this weekend. Achieve a Clear Quiet Mind is a powerful new way to live and practice to employ every day to make life easier. This is in Mendham on 9/25. Our dynamic class, Be Your Own Guru, begins a five-week series on October 7, Monday nights, in Madison. Do join us.

Reiki 1 & 2 have been rescheduled as was Timeless Healing Advanced Soul Shamanism weekend. See dates and details in Events. More coming soon. Working on online classes and live Videos after I am settled in a couple of weeks. Enjoy today’s Blog Below and sign up for our newsletter and social media on the right column of this and all Pages. Private sessions resuming 9/20. Blessings on this Harvest Moon and Equinox. Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500 Email

A Healthy Ego Awakens Spiritual Mastery

The ego is a foundation of our being that keeps us going and strengthens us. It has a bad rap in our world because of a misunderstanding of what our ego does in basic, powerful, positive ways. When we have a healthy, balanced, secure, and knowing ego it creates a great life for us.

The ego that gives us a problem is the unbalanced, insecure, fearful, controlling ego that has been wounded and tries to protect itself over and over again.

A healthy ego loves and takes responsibility for self. This ego is wise and mature and able to see the truth and live it and self-correct when we are off base, which happens with everyone. No one is perfect, we all have challenges to us daily. The healthy ego takes care of self and does not wound others.

An unhealthy ego is always trying to be right and blame others, or have others be responsible for them. A bully will blame and try to get you to feel less than them when that is how they feel and you are their mirror and punching bag. A poor me will also blame. and want others to take responsibility for them and be strong for them.

Both ego positions and strategies project their weakness on others. The struggling ego puts a lot of energy into hiding instead of loving and self-correcting.

A poor me is always playing less than and trying to get others to do and be for them because they believe they are not strong enough. Blaming others for all sorts of things is where they get their power. They use manipulation to get what they want and try to hook people to help them.

When we live in balance, we can be true to us, and what is occurring in our life, and learn from it. No one is to blame, and we have a clear path to walk easily.

When someone says that someone has a big or small ego, what they are saying is that this person is not secure and living from an unhealthy place and taking their wounds out on others. Both are an energy drain, and not very pleasant to be with when they turn on you.


To determine if our ego is out of balance, we first to listen to us and see where we might be blaming others instead of looking at ourselves. Are we in emotion? This is a good first sign we are out of alignment or truth and trying to be okay or right.

We are ultimately looking for peace, balance, productivity, and responsibility. A big or small ego is always fighting self and others to try to be okay. It is exhausting and uses us for a punching bag, or a food source, which is never any fun at all.

Playing too much or not enough is a see-saw game. When we feel off, we are in ego. We play into someone else’s ego when we have issues in the area they are playing in, and reflecting inner wounds or pushing our buttons to discover them in us.

Loving each other through life is important. Seeing the truth of where we all are, only occurs when we heal our own ego wounds and know how to take care of us.

Spiritual mastery is all about healing the wounded ego and living the highest truth with no fear, doubt, or blame. Only then can we awaken to the goodness and love we all are and support self and one another. Having compassion for self and others as spiritual beings having a human experience is paramount in living love and understanding.

Our personal healing journey; physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional are all related to realigning the ego with the highest truth and love.

Once we learn and heal us, it takes so much less energy to be us, and appreciate others, leaving us free to enjoy more of life and love and vibrant health too! Happiness is being real and not ideal because real is what we all deal with each day when we are in balance.

A bully or victim is not to blame, or fear, but instead can show you where you are out of balance to heal yourself. You help them when you do not play into their game, or blame them either. They are the last ones to see what they are doing because their attention is not on their true self at all.

Love you enough to be wise, and know that only you can change you, to be happy and healthy. We are the solution when we can get free of wounded ego patterns, and see the light and truth, and be free naturally.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Website  973-647-2500  Email Janet

Spiritual healing and coaching help you to get straight with you. Having a healthy ego is key. Being loving and powerful is normal and allows you to move forward in every area of your life easily. taking any of our classes will also help you discover the truth and align with your true self in love, peace, and joy!

Call Janet StraightArrow today 973-647-2500 to discover a new simpler way to you.

“I am so grateful for the work I have done with Janet and Be The Medicine in sessions and classes. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my body and life, but I also notice how important the work we do is to my profession and ability to be and do more than I knew possible. My gifts and purpose are unfolding with ease. The story of my life is becoming rich with deeper love and experience and losing the drama of my life before this time. I see how this inner work I have done with Janet in between segments of my other studies, has moved me light years ahead of my peers in many ways. None of us were aware of the power or possibility of who we are and how much more fully and freely we can learn, experience and live.”

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Celebrate the Now

Healing and Wholeness

Living the Quest – Inspiration – Classes Newsletter 8/29/19

I am currently working out of several locations in the Madison-Morristown-Mendham Area.  Join us this weekend for Soul Shamanism in Morristown.  Achieve a Clear Quiet Mind in Mendham. Be Your Own Guru Series in Madison. Reiki 2 in Morristown. Timeless Healing in Morristown. Reiki 1 in Madison. See the Events page for details.

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“Working with Janet has been life-changing by deepening my awareness of myself. Because Janet has done a lot of work on herself she is able to hold a space for people who seek deeper healing. She is compassionate, direct and her techniques are simple yet profound. The simplicity of her work makes it easy to use the tools in everyday life, which for me is one of the greatest gifts. Above all, she approaches life and process of healing with a lot of laughter making the journey of self-discovery and healing so much more fun.”


As we walk our life journey, it is important to tune in and be grounded in our awareness in a positive way. After decades of working with people, I have noted how often people begin speaking with what’s not happening, instead of what is occurring now.

As we begin speaking with what we are not experiencing or doing, we are speaking into the air and feeding experiences of lack instead of empowering and being aware of what is happening.

To be here now is not accessible from the place of where we think should be, or where we are not. This is an ego habit and keeping us stuck in lack and mediocrity. Changing our habit to a positive, present, and productive focus helps us find us, and where we are with ease. Often there are great things happening now, that are forgotten or missed.


To move forward, or get unstuck, we focus on what is here now. Negative is vacant, missing, against life, and us. To be positive is to own the experience so we can move ahead and walk our walk. Even if where we are is not where we want to be, focusing on the not, does not get us there at all.

First, we listen to ourselves speak and notice when we feel off, powerless, lower energy, or alone. We are speaking outside of us and truth and will find nothing there to experience except loss.

When we begin to focus on the positive present we find a rise in energy and clarity, and the richness of our life is experienced. As we slow down and breathe and honor what is, we become peaceful as we move into our body and begin to know what is occurring and how we feel.


We are often looking for who we are, and why we are here. The key is to stop looking outside and tap into our innate wisdom, awareness, and love. Our soul is always here inside of each one of us awaiting our attention and discovery.

The soul is the one who is the still small voice inside that we have been trained to ignore. Full of innate knowledge, wisdom, and support of who we are, it is the one worth discovering and following as it is our true self.

We are likely to listen to doubt, fear, blame, judgment, worry, shame, guilt, and more which is in the category of not here. This focus blocks out the voice that takes us to our truth, love, and ability to live and know who we are, so our free-will chooses wisely.

To find us, we begin to slow down and see what is good about what is occurring, we also see what is challenging, so we can learn to navigate and move forward. The focus on the negative thoughts above will create confusion as they do not agree with our divine truth and love.

We are here now, and may be missing the best reality that is in plain sight and experience.


When we are on a spiritual awakening journey we may feel like we have so far to go and are missing many things. As I guide people to their central sun, their soul, we find the direct path opens up when we do not detour from the positive present.

Stating what is, helps us see where we are walking and begin to feel solid ground beneath us. Acknowledging the good things that occur and how we feel allows us to walk our walk and move strongly from there. Our life is the journey so we are always there now. Each step is a value to pay attention to.

Heart and Soul


I think of my experience racing Porsches on International Racetracks. I allowed myself to be passed on the side while I learned. I stayed the course slower than most and did not expect to be first when I was learning my car and the nuances of the racetrack. As I allowed myself to develop experience, knowledge, and confidence, I was fearless and focused. I continued to build speed as I became a top driver.

Why on the spiritual life journey, does our ego think we should be ahead of where we are, or win the race to enlightenment, or someplace we cannot even imagine? In a world where we are trained to be the hare and run, run, run, all over the place, we can find the direct path by slowing down, acknowledging where we are, to learn, grow and move from a strong, solid place that takes us where we want to go. The journey allows for the most vivid, exciting experiences all along the way.

Each experience, awareness, and desire lead us to the next. This is the best there is, now.

Allow yourself to slow down, smell the roses, feel the love, peace, truth, beauty, and light.

When we let go of what is not, we discover the amazing life we have got.

Always in Love,

Enjoy your precious Life and Journey

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, The Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@Bethemedicine.com

Join us for Be Your Own Guru, Soul Shamanism, Vision Quest or any of our classes to move deeper into positive, present, productive, and loving you!

Private sessions offer direct connection and assist you to quickly sort out everything in your life from health to relationships, work, and spiritual growth. Call or email today.

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Accessing Freedom as our Nature

Who, What, Where, When, and mostly HOW, Be The Medicine came about, and Janet StraightArrow‘s profound and unusual guided journey for over 52 years.  http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1413970280

Dear Friends,

It is a powerful time in our world to claim our freedom and full nature of love, peace, joy, wholeness, and health. Free will is something for us to embrace. When we do, we can begin to realize everything is our choice.

The good news is when we know this fully, we can change everything. If we choose to stay in victimhood, blame, and judgment, we are stuck in an alternate and painful reality that negates our true nature of freedom and the best that can be.

I have walked this life path for sixty-six years and have had tremendous loss and trauma all along the way. Instead of feeling a victim, I was curious and tenacious to discover a better reality. Accepting my life, meant letting go of what I was blaming others for, or bad luck, or karma, or anything.

As I learned to accept that I chose this life and circumstances, free will, I decided to make it work for me. This has made life an adventure, instead of a travesty. A basic law of attraction is to allow the best to come to me and it will despite everything. I have also purified my mind and body of anything negative, or against myself and my best life. This is something I have helped others throughout my life.

To be free, we first let go of what others think or want from us if it does not support our life and health. This seems to be the toughest one for people to be and do. We want acceptance and love in the world as we know it, and yet we are also being called by our soul to be authentic and whole.

Opening up to our soul’s wisdom and unconditional love is a perfect way to discern and learn how to master this life, our relationships, work, and health.

Be free to be and begin by releasing blame, shame, guilt, fear, worry, criticism, victimhood, fear, and anything that negates our freedom to be the whole self we are destined to be when we choose to accept a higher reality.

This is a journey that takes daily practice and self-love that values the choices we have been given by the creator to be the owner and operator of our life.

This is what Be The Medicine, Be Your Own Guru, Soul Shamanism and all of our sessions and programs are about. Being free to be the Medicine, the answer, the owner and operator of our life, health and spiritual awakening and growth.

I am fully committed to getting this body of work out this year and beyond. It is profound, direct, simple, and possible for all who embark on this journey.

Join us in sessions, classes, pieces of training, and retreats. No matter the class you will be brought into a place of personal mastery and manifestation. In love and joy, we look to us, and see where we can adjust, and move quickly and strongly into the best of us.

Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You.

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Gathering an Advanced Group of Students to Mentor Let me know of your interest.

Also, gathering a beginning group who have been on the journey and want to move directly into advanced work.

Reach out to me Janet@Bethemedicine.com for any interest, questions, or requests.

973-647-2500 for sessions or the above and I will get back to you if I am not available.


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Shamanism Naturally

“Our life is the journey. As we learn to stop the mind from running ahead we discover the gold that is in every step. Patience with the process reaps great rewards, wisdom, peace, and love and is the answer we are looking for. There is no end.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

Join us for an introductory Shamanism and Journey training, June 1 & 2., and our Vision Quest Retreat August 9-11. See the full page with the information and sign up ASAP to begin preparation for this transformative weekend. Be Your Own Guru. The Protected Healer. Reiki. Meditation. More. SEE EVENTS PAGE FOR CURRENT CLASSES 

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Relax, Learn, Heal, Retreat newsletter 4/8/19

Being You, Being Me, In Freedom and Unity Newsletter 4/30


 Natural Shamanism

Shamanism is a path of service to the planet, her people, and the community. Shamans have been the original holistic healers in traditions around the world and are known for their ability to heal themselves.

A Shaman is a person who dedicates their lives answering their spiritual calling of service. They have a spiritual focus that is inclusive of mind, body, emotions, and soul.

Connecting with our spirit and the spirit in all things awakens meaning to life and helps us understand more levels of us and all. Today people are practicing Shamanism and are helpful in the community to do their part to support healing and spiritual awareness and growth in these times.

The primary purpose to pursue Shamanism is to learn and heal through a direct connection to our spirit, soul, and spiritual guidance. To do this, we break out of ego limitation to the subtle realms of spirit to awaken higher wisdom and knowledge. Nature, animals, seasonal and life cycles, and all of life on earth and beyond are honored in Shamanic practice.

The Shamanic Journey is a way to accomplish our spiritual awareness and connections and is a discipline to experience and explore. Learning with an experienced teacher allows you to safely travel, learn, discern, heal, and discover the truth of us on many levels. This practice is also a way to determine our path of service and purpose.

Some traditions use drums and rattles and gongs to move into the subtle Shamanic realms.  Some others will use breathwork and move into a deep connection. Each tradition offers unique perspectives. Natural products like sage, stones, and feathers are used by some practitioners for cleansing and healing.

There is no need to use drugs for a natural Shamanic experience as when we achieve an authentic spiritual connection; we awaken bliss, happiness, fantastic visions, and higher truth and love.

A natural Shamanic practice is used with an open mind and loving heart focused on being of service to all. Explored with pure intent, we create a sacred space to connect, heal, learn and grow. Shamanism is a precious natural way to awaken, heal and be.

Janet StraightArrow discovered her Shamanic calling in 1992, at the age of forty, as a single mom and top Realtor who had been studying spirituality and healing for twenty-years and living it. She began teaching immediately from memory and continuously awakening higher wisdom and sacred knowledge. She found she carried many lineages from around the world and pursued studies to bring Ancient wisdom together for our modern world today.

She has studied with Native American, Tibetan, Celtic, Toltec, African, Huichol, and Siberian Shamans and Shamanic practitioners Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, and others at the foundation for Shamanic Studies, and renowned spiritual healing masters from Yoga, Sufism, Zen, Buddhism, and other traditions around the world and found the unity and unique perspectives and gifts that fill in the missing pieces to make us whole again.

Live the Power of You!

StraightArrow’s work and mission Be The Medicine is the “how” to live healing and our true self in service to all simply, easily, and directly with joy. More on Shamanism and Soul Shamanism on this website. See her upcoming pieces of training and a summer Vision Quest retreat on the calendar page. Private sessions weekly.

This work empowers each person to walk their walk and increase their energy and awareness. Holistic practitioners will benefit and so will their clients and students. People from all walks of life will feel more connected to self, others, life, nature, and the earth.

Call to speak with Janet to see how this might assist you on your spiritual, healing, life journey. 973-647-2500 or email Janet@Bethemedicine.com

Join us for an introductory Shamanism training April 6 & 7, or June 1 & 2. The Protected Healer April 13 or May 5, Soul Shamanism April 27-28. Catskill Vision Quest Retreat August 9-11. Sign up ASAP to begin preparation for this transformative weekend.

“To me, the Shamanic path is to live in awareness and honor of all people, nature, and life in all dimensions. It is a sacred journey of awakening our humanity to our divinity. It is a path of enlightenment that includes all lineages around the world and beyond. To know who we are in the most sacred way and live it is the greatest gift I share in Shamanic training and sessions. Be the Love, Light, Peace, Happiness, Health, Truth, Beauty, and Light that we are naturally now. Responsible, respectful spirituality in action. Having studied with Spiritual Masters and Shamans around the world created a beautiful tapestry of wisdom and knowledge to understand, integrate, and share. Blessings.” Janet StraightArrow

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The Courage to Be Our True Self


Read our latest newsletter below. How Energy Medicine Works, Classes and Sessions http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1413849054

THE COURAGE TO BE OUR SELF “It is not ego to discover and explore our self. It is the ego to try to be something else.” Janet StraightArrow

From the time we are born we twist and turn our self to fit into the desires of someone else. For us to stop this pattern is revolutionary, scary, and great fun. It takes courage to be a rebel to what is expected, in innocence, love, and happiness, instead of fear of being accepted.

We are born feeling vulnerable to parents and adults for our care and nurturing. We soon learn to respond to expectations to receive what we want and need. Eventually, we learn to be concerned and change our behaviors to avoid being judged and attacked if we do not please them.

Well, enough of that. As adults, we change our focus consciously to see where we have been turned away from being us. Learn to be reflective and confident enough to listen inside. Inside is where we find our center of truth and love. This adventure is well worth breaking through the resistance and fear of acceptance, to develop awareness of our true self.

Positivity can awaken everything. Positive is always supportive and forward-focused for best results. Negativity is against life and us and breaks us down in doubt and blame and keeps us stuck in boxes of illusion and pain.

We are all unique and share the same humanity, differently. When we wait for someone else to agree with us this defeats our purpose of finding the truth of us.

Looking to fit in is normal, and yet it separates us more and is a delicate balance to explore. I remember studying with a Zen Buddhist monk and congregation leader, in a small group one snowy night. Because of this more intimate group, he took the time with us individually and asked us why we are here?

A young woman, not raised with any spirituality or religion, was looking to “be something” by believing in a tradition. When he asked me, I said, I was here to find my true self through the teachings and practices.

Both are valid looking at our age and experience. When we begin the journey to us, we look for where we fit in as we explore other realities while we are breaking free of our past. Eventually, we find we are not a group or religion and use meditation and other tools and teachings to find our inner truth and love.

Be you. It is a lifelong journey and well worth it. We find groups and traditions along the way that lead us to discover more. Remember to hold true to you no matter what others think or do.

Begin to do your best to be present, open, and curious enough to explore more, and learn to follow your innate wisdom.

Live the Power of You!

There are abundant teachings and support to assist you on your unique journey here at Be The Medicine in classes and sessions with Janet. 

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com

“HUMBLE LIVING OUR PURPOSE. True humility is being yourself. The Dahli Lama is humble because he stepped into his role and purpose and lives it. Whoever you are and whatever you came into this body to live, embrace it fully. This is where the gold is. As we surrender to our true self and mission it is humbling for sure. The greatest purpose is to be love in all bodies. Namaste.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine Soul Shamanism Path to You

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Our Body Knows the Truth

By Janet StraightArrow

  • According to ancient teachings, the attributes of a human are health, happiness, truth, beauty, peace, love, goodness, and light. For many generations, we have forgotten our true selves as human beings, and this has broken us down in all ways. We can begin to remember by moving away from limited thinking and learning to trust who we are as wise and intelligent beings. Our body is our perfect ally and a great place to begin.
  • LEARN To learn to listen to your body so you can discover your truth, try these simple exercises for yourself. Someplace in your body is a truth space. To find this, ask your body a question. Close your eyes, take a few full deep breaths. Ask your body something you know to be the truth, like your Mother’s name. The answer of truth response may be an energetic sensation in your abdomen or your heart, or your body may reflect truth by experiencing goosebumps or warmth somewhere on your body. Untruths will be an uncomfortable perception, often in your gut or chest or somewhere else in or on your body.
  • Next, ask your body directly about your food and supplement choices. Detach from the answer, so you do not influence the outcome. Ask a question about eating certain foods, “Is this food, nourishing and supportive to my body, mind, spirit?” Asking is enough, yet some people are more precise when they hold the item in their hand. Each body and day require different foods, herbs, and vitamins. Our culture tends to overdo things that are supposed to be good for us. Less is often more for our body in foods and supplements.
  • Another avenue to explore with our body’s truth center is about personal safety or appropriate action questions illustrated by this story. A friend of mine lives in Manhattan, and he asked me if he should come to stay in New Jersey on the evening the Iraqi war began in 2002. After being stuck in NYC ten blocks from the twin towers the year before, this was a concern. I told him to ask his body. He said, “How can my body tell me if they will bomb New York City?” I responded that his body would address his safety and situation not the broader scope of attention. When he asked his body if he should come to New Jersey his body tensed and was immediately not comfortable. When he asked his body about staying at home in Manhattan, his body was happy and clear about it. No Doubt. No Fear. Truth. He was comforted, and he knew staying home would be best for him, and it was.
  • Pay attention to your body’s response to a person, place or situation. If it is unsafe or inappropriate, your body will tell you immediately. We are accustomed to ignoring clear signals because we have been trained since childhood not to trust these signals and we have cut ourselves off from our body’s wisdom. We may also deny things when we do not want to believe our messages about people and things. Listen to your body and trust the results. Be curious. Danger or inappropriateness comes in many forms that we may not know at the time.
  • If you have an illness or a pain, your body is telling you that something is out of balance, misaligned, or something is not correct. Most colds or pains are illustrating our body’s need to decontaminate toxins on one or many levels of us. Decontamination and letting go of what interferes with health, are first steps towards healing. We begin by looking at our food choices, relationships, environment, as well as taking care of our own basic needs. Are we living our truth? Deeper causes of problems begin with listening to us and holding memories of traumas, negative thinking, and engaging in fear are some other reasons your body creates dis-ease and appears to be out of balance.
  • “Listen, it says, pay attention, make changes now, I want to be healthy, happy and free.” Our body can return to its health with our attention, support, and by taking action. Even when we have a specific disease, we can make it much easier on our body-mind, and sometimes also heal it, by taking exquisite care of us.
  • TRUST We can trust our perceptions and selves more as we let go of what we are not. We are not fear, anxiety, anger, panic or pain. We are not the voices of ego; I am not good enough, or my perceptions cannot be correct, or it has to be this way, or I know this already. Allowing deeper knowing to come to us is a practice of letting go of past beliefs and fears. From a place of neutrality and silence, we can discover the truth that is the answer. This is a process to explore, have patience, and enjoy the discoveries.
  • Our body does not care about other people’s rules or opinions. Our body reacts to its truth. We can trust the signals we attribute to our body and experience these truths when all of the above emotions or voices are absent. When we begin listening and taking action with our body, mind, and spirit, symptoms of stress and tension will melt away.
  • Everyone can access and learn to work with their body’s wisdom as they learn to know their own self and truth. Our bodies are telepathic. We can access more of your own knowledge about yourself and others than you realize just by paying attention to your body’s signals.
  • BE THE MEDICINE At Be The Medicine, our classes and sessions teach you incredible safe ways to support your healing, get to the truth behind problems and discover solutions, enjoy several methods of healers training, develop your innate gifts, and discover the best you. Our bodies are self-healing organisms, and it is quite an adventure to explore and benefit from self-care. When I am called to assist people, I do it with profound, simple, ancient, and modern teachings and tools, and energy of love, to empower permanent changes and healing. With decades of experience and training, I ask the person I am working with to co-create the session and to intend the best possible results, and that always helps and often makes a big difference.
  • When we see our life as a healing journey, and a lifestyle, we can continue to build confidence and take action to make healthy changes, this is how you can participate and begin to Be The Medicine for you.

  • Best in Health,
  • Janet StraightArrow Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!
  • BeTheMedicine.com973-647-2500 Janet@Bethemedicine.com
  • This article is intended to learn self-awareness and care, not medical advice.

Live the Power of You!

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The Direct Path to Health

The Chinese Image means – Master of One’s Own Destiny

Health begins with our mindset. Health is not about spending money on healthcare and organic foods. It begins with choosing health and following where that wisdom takes us.

Health is our nature. A disease is the breakdown of health and is for the most part, is a byproduct of how we think, act, listen, and live our life. I learned this by living and teaching it for the past 52 years after I was given a dire diagnosis.

To stay healthy, we begin by a focus on thinking positive thoughts aligned with our health and happiness. Yes, happiness is a key component of health.

Especially through dark times, it is important to engage in self-love and self-care and stay positive to maintain wellness. Negativity is against us and life and negates possibilities instead of seeking and living them completely.

We are the ones responsible for our health and life. Somehow that has been missed with belief in modern medicine and too often we do not take that responsibility seriously.

We can prevent and/or can come back to health with action and self-awareness, knowledge, and wisdom. Drugs and surgery are for when it has gone too far and we need this help instead of popping pills for everything,

To live aligned with us and health is key. To learn natural ways that do not poison us and break us down more is important as well. Health is our nature, so the first question is how do we support our nature?

I was very sickly and in constant pain in several areas of my body for years by the age of fifteen. Our family doctor told me that I will not live long and will continue to suffer and break down quickly. When I tell this story people say that was terrible for the doctor to say to a teen or anyone. I am grateful every day as it is what inspired me to research and change.

I had a choice, to feel a victim and live out the path I was on and this diagnosis, or to wake up and choose again and be my own medicine and figure out how to change everything. I woke up and consciously chose life and health.

My father was chronically critically ill and dying at 43, and our family was doctor and drug dependent even though my mom read about and was raised with natural remedies. The focus was not healing, meaning becoming whole, it was more about feeling a little better and living another day or year.

That did not work for me. Already I did not like pharmaceuticals, both over the counter and prescription. I felt most of them made me feel worse and did not help the healing process.

When the doctor told me, I was following in my father’s footsteps health-wise, I decided to change that and forge my own path to health. I had no doubt this was possible because inside I knew that we did not have to be sick and in pain and I was willing to make any changes and learn what it would take to heal all the way.

It began with the mindset. I claimed perfect health and chose to live a long healthy life. Rejecting the doctor and his diagnosis was the first step.

Rejecting the lifestyle pattern of disease was next, and also releasing the belief that I was stuck in my family’s genetic patterns of sickness. I felt like I was living in an alternate reality of continuous deteriorating health and the mindset that reinforced that and I did not believe that was necessary.

Breaking family patterns was most important and began while living at home in the world of constant sickness and abundant drugs to keep people alive.

Drugs may be a way to keep people alive, but I felt they were also what killed people, and broke down the body and did not support regaining health.

I began researching nutrition and eating healthy whole food and stopped eating food with preservatives, canned veggies, and frozen entrees, and all of what is fake food to me.

I dressed for the weather unlike most teens, and also stayed away from people who were sick. I also stayed home when I was beginning to get sick to rest and build immunity and health, instead of waiting until I was so sick I was out for weeks, as I had been. I quickly began to rebuild my mind and body and spirit too.

Self-care did not cost me anything, it saved me stress and loss on all levels. It was a reclaiming of me and a daily choice to be my own advocate and caregiver.

When we tap into our innate intelligence aligned with health and our true nature of what supports us, we find great ways to live and be healthy.

Letting go of negativity is also key. Seeing life with a cup half full or overflowing is also important to help us reach the level of health that makes us whole and happy.

Hearing about how Jesus healed people inspired me and gave me hope and direction. I listened to the nuances of what was being taught in the readings in church and decided to learn how to discover and live these in my life too.

I have a calling to live and teach Be The Medicine. The information here is a result of reading thousands of books and study with over 100 teachers, healers, masters of spiritual traditions, and medical doctors and formal degrees in nutrition and psychology.

These many years of living it, and growing through my journey and offering healing support to others, and teaching it to people of all ages and walks of life have offered tremendous experience and great results in these many years.


When someone says that it is hard to make healthy changes in their life, I wonder how easy it is to be sick, in hospitals, in pain, and lose everything to medical costs, or loss of freedom because of living broken down in institutions, or even dying young? Our body tolerates a lot as it breaks down. Pay attention at earlier signs of problems. It’s good to nourish and nurture us and enjoy a healthier life. Janet StraightArrowBe The Medicine

TODAY. Fast forward fifty-two years from that dire diagnosis, I am still healthy and happy and employing wisdom and self-care. I did not have health insurance for over two decades during the years that many adults break down and are on a lot of drugs and getting tests and surgeries.

I took responsibility and watched and learned how to heal anything that seemed to be breaking down with nutrition and energy medicine and self-care and learned more and developed many ways we can Be The Medicine for ourselves.

I studied what breaks us down on every level so I can help myself and all people stop what hurts and live what helps us.

At 65, my Medicare physical revealed perfect levels in all areas of bloodwork including sugar and immunity, and my blood pressure was 120/80 too. I took no drugs or flu or pneumonia shots. The only thing that came up was that I was overweight and working on losing it.

A year later I am eating less, exercising more, and have abundant energy and health. Whole foods, some supplements a few times a week, and continued support for my mind and emotions to stay aware, loving and positive.

For generations, we have accepted that we all have to break down and get sick. That is not true. We are the owners and operators of this body which was designed for health. There is no need to accept breakdown. It takes awareness and effort to choose what supports us and let go of what tears us down on all levels.

Health saves us money and offers us an abundantly happy life. We begin with the choice, education, staying awake, paying attention, taking action, and learn and live to maintain a healthy body and life. We are worth it.

Natural healing is not weird, it is blessedly normal when we walk this walk of reality. Medicine can also be a gift to us, it is important to know how to choose and make choices all along the way.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@Bethemedicine.com

Call today for coaching, healing, and assisting you to discover the many ways you can live your best life today! Janet works with clients around the world. Join us for classes on healing, medical intuition, and living as whole beings, body and souls. Be ready for fun in the process as we elevate us to so many possibilities and new realities in health and life.

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Inspired to Be The Medicine Now

Winter Solstice Full Moon 12/23/18

The truth is we are sitting on a gold mine of wisdom, intelligence and love. Its within us and has been all along. We are in physical and emotional pain and dis-ease because we have been separated from us and one another expecting the impossible and a poor substitution. 

We are the medicine for ourselves and the world. Each person has enough energy, intelligence and clarity to be a fulfilled, purposeful, citizen. So many are lost and confused all of their lives looking for fulfillment and truth outside in a crazy sick world.

Walking this walk for fifty-one years, since a teen, has been exciting and never boring. Overcoming the illusions of the world, family, and nuances in everything, has been enlightening. I researched and experienced traditions from around the world, not to find a new religion or way but to find one that feels true and fits all.

I always felt we are one human race, and that religion and culture separate us with beliefs that one is better than another. I love the diversity and I also love the beauty of learning and living and loving as one humanity.

The more I looked and traveled and explored the more I saw the similarity in all traditions that were helpful and hurtful for us to be happy, healthy and whole. There is big business in keeping us down and out rather than together and whole.

The wisdom of oneness captured me as a child, and I wanted to find the truth of the scriptures instead of confused with conflicting lies. I explored beliefs and fears whose purpose seemed to be to keep us in line with something else, hoping and guessing, and not finding satisfying answers, instead of safe and secure knowing loving and being happy and healthy inside.

Learning to trust us, and have valid authority, made sense to me, instead of focusing on some men or women in the sky, who are supposed to save us. There is a higher power, but it Is not separate, its within us all of the time. Separation is the illusion that keeps us insecure and in fear. All one, is a pulling us together individually and collectively, instead of us falling apart living in pieces instead of wholeness.

In all of these years, I discovered the truth, that we are whole beings of infinite possibility. We read and hear the higher truths, and question them, as the way they are interpreted do not build our strong foundation of being, and do not really access true reality. As amazing humans, we continually give our authority, awareness and focus to something else that does not love or support us.

Living to love and support us is everything. Waiting for someone else to give us what we have inside all the time, and where it truly resides, keeps us wanting and waiting and very unhappy. No one can give us the best and the most aligned truth and unconditional acceptance and love, except us. If they can, it’s to match us not fill in the blanks or missing pieces.

I have learned that the reason we can come back to us and heal is that the soul is always whole, this solid connection to us, signals us in many ways each day to bring us home to our wholeness. At the core, we are strong and healthy and wise. We have been trained to feel weak and subject to other than us, which keep us on shaking ground all the time. 

When we learn to access our greatest gifts and love we find a true passion and connection to self, divine, life and everyone.

Learning to awaken our greatest intelligence and love inside, and rebel to what separates and does not support us, is key. To be of service, we need to live that strong core of what we want to offer to others easily. It has only been in the last century and half century that humans were seen as more than just bodies. Our mind, emotions, spirt and souls have been explored and studied as valued and valid in the scheme of our lives.

All one makes sense. To separate us into parts keeps us disempowered and scared to be. As we come to wholeness we can bring all of us together and feel happy, healthy and free.

Join us for classes or sessions in 2019. Holiday Special Discounts till 1/1/19 in our latest Newsletter below. http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1413751956 h

Happy New Year and enjoy the possibilities that await our acceptance and actions.

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Info@Bethemedicine.com

Awakening is possible only for those who seek it and want it, for those who are ready to struggle with themselves and work on themselves for a very long time and very persistently in order to attain it. ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

Yes, our journey is our lifetime. There is no pill or quick fix. A direct path is easier than one of avoidance and disbelief. Be The Medicine in your life. Look for solutions and follow your best opportunities. Enjoy the growth and limitless possibilities. Always in Love, Janet StraightArrow

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