Attitude is Everything


Our attitude is the Captain of our ship. It directs our body-mind and spirit internally and externally. Its the most important thing we can choose, and control. We can be optimistic or cranky. One gives life and expands us, the other pops our personal balloon.


When we focus on the negative, it negates, destroys, and interferes with us, and whatever we focus on that way. We are creating illusion, and confusion. When we negate us, and others, we deflate and have no firm foundation of truth. Fear is in charge, and we do not have the oomph to go on. This opens us to blame and shame, and judging, which is an alternative reality that does not serve any-body.

I can.

I have lived through tremendous suffering and trauma, and worked my way into healing, peace and renewed strength. It begins with attitude, and as the little engine said, I think I can, and I want to. Where we focus and think manifests.

Attitude is holding the intention and creating the pathway. This has saved my life, health and brought me out of great despair into happiness and health again and again.


Magic happens, when we align in every way, with the results we desire.

When I began my energy healing practice with clients, I would have them participate by suggesting they focus on positive best results to direct the session. Before I knew it they were also speaking the opposite of what they wanted. So their body and being are receiving conflicting messages and this interferes with healing and movement. I had to then redirect them to align with how they wanted the energy and healing to work, and watched the results unfold.

Be bold and take control.

We are in control so much more than we are taught. We can respond and be responsible. We can change everything now in an instant.

A positive attitude helps us find our best life, health and results in everyday life.

You are the Captain of the ship of your life. Steer you where you want to go with every breath, thought, word and action. It works, keep at it. When you feel off, get back on track with where you want to be. Everything will follow naturally. It may take some time and well worth the wait and unfolding. There is much to learn along the way.

Enjoy the journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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Freeing Our Will – Living Mastery

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Our will is the ability to say, “I AM.” Do we really own who we are?

Our middle belly, or third chakra, reflects our will. Whether we are struggling with truth, or living it consciously, the story of us is reflected here. As a culture, our organs and glands in this area are challenged. Our digestive system is not digesting what we are putting into us on all levels, not just food.

Truth is an illusion for many, because truth is often what we think should be, or want to be, instead of what it is. Being true to us may mean conflict with what others, or what we want us to be. And we do not often like conflict.


When I raised my daughters, I knew that my job was to help them discover who they were, and develop self-authority. Which to me meant to do my best not to control them. At two I called them the terrific twos, as I was happy that they were finding their will and voice.

I did not want them to fight me, instead I felt it important for them to learn to know what they knew for themselves in a positive, loving and supportive way for them. This focus made growing up fun for all of us, as it was a process of discovery, instead of a battle. We were always on the same side – theirs.

To know what is correct for us, is the most important learning we can do, and the basis for a happy healthy life. To have free will is to learn to be at peace and stand for us in the most basic ways. Our yes’s and no’s are powerful voices to be authentic with.


As adults we can begin to go back to basics and feel the truth of our decisions, words and actions. Our body tells us the truth. Listen, learn and respond to what you know to be true in your belly and mind.

We feel best when we align with our basic needs and wisdom. Peace, instead of drama. Will instead of ego. No reasons or excuses needed. Be who you are, and have fun being the terrific two’s all over again.

The gift of being an adult is, we can learn to parent ourselves in ways that support us now. Go for it! The will is free when it is our truth, naturally.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!




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Words to Inspire – StraightArrow Wisdom

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Take your time with each writing and absorb its meaning to you. Blessings of delight! Janet

img_6184 “To heal and be whole, is to break the rules of the mind, to embrace the truth of the heart.” Janet StraightArrow Awaken To Be Free

IMG_0266     “TRUE PEACE. Peace does not come easily. It’s a process brokered by our high self. The ego wants what it wants. The high self looks at all, above emotions and pain, and has reason and purpose at hand. Detached from desires and expectations, we see the souls plan. We do not have to like it, we let go, and allow the truth to rise up and lead. Accepting what is, and finding our way home to peace. No buts, just unconditional love flowing easily, allowing us to be free.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

IMG_7850 “CHOOSING TO THRIVE. Thriving empowers us in every way. It helps us choose the best, instead of settling for less.” Janet StraightArrow

IMG_5619 “SUCCESS is not separate from SPIRITUALITY. Success is living a life of love, joy and harmony. Enjoying the abundance of life, is a gift to share. It has nothing to do with money.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

IMG_7996 “TRUTH AND LOVE. The direct path. There is nothing to “fix”. Melt into your Perfection.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

photo “Our path becomes more refined, peaceful and clear, as we navigate from love instead of fear.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

IMG_7855 “BLESSINGS GALORE. Bless everyone. Bless your food, your thoughts, your life. Bless all of the people, the earth and all beings. Bless those that you feel harm you. Bless those that support you. When we bless all, we live a powerful life of magic and mystery and love. When we bless all we are living blessings more each day. Let go of the rest and Live Blessed.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine Awaken To Be Free

Enjoy the Journey,

Be-the-Medicine03-1  Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500







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Going All The Way!

“Our life and spiritual journey, is a winding path of adventures. As we become expert in navigating the curves, we learn to enjoy the ride.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

The Clear Path

The Clear Path

Life on this path is a journey of following our inner light and compass. When we are focused inward, it is a magic carpet ride, and an adventure of the highest order. When we are focused outward, we are easily sidetracked away from our true path and the steward of beliefs, and the expectations of others instead of the truth of us. When we follow our truth, it aligns perfectly with the divine truth of all.

Waking Up

Waking Up

Our souls urging is to prod us to, “Wake Up” from the deep sleep of the collective illusion, to remember the true bright star of all and us. Life makes sense, as we remember and live universal wisdom that is what rules the world, and all.



To break out of the box of our own beliefs and illusions is key. When we clear the debris of desire and fantasy, life is more exciting and enjoyable than ever before. The challenges on the life path; help us deepen our resolve and walk, make corrections, straighten the path, offer peace, freedom and fun as we continue to walk and wake up.

Follow the Light

Follow the Light

It’s your life. Walk your own walk to the true. It is our gift and right to be free. Take the steps to find your true path and best reality. Day-by-Day, the way that aligns you with peace, health, love, joy, and the divine, is always the perfect and correct path for you.

Live the Questions

Live the Questions

Expect helpful and direct answers. Lack of assurance as to where we are going helps us take the clear path that opens up before us. As you follow this path it opens up naturally to your enlightened self. Experience the practical wisdom, magic and mystery of life, freedom, joy and beauty of the all.


Janet StraightArrow

Janet StraightArrow

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of you!

For a session with Janet to assist you to open up the path to your inner knowing, and new directions of health, career and relationships as well as freedom and enlightened living, call 973-647-2500 or Email

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Your unique path to you, is a journey worth taking.


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Living Light

Living Light

“Purify your Mind, and you will Live from your Heart.” Janet StraightArrow

In my journey to answer the questions, that arose as I walked the path to Be The Medicine, I explored many cultures, traditions, religions and modalities. This global view offered me tremendous perspectives, beliefs, fears and unique practices, wisdom teachings and beauty in being an amazing, alive and spiritual human.

What was found deep into the search, was that I was really looking for how to be God, and found that we are all God, and forgot how to live it here now. There were clues to this all along, the resistance was big, as I was overcoming interference and beliefs, prejudice and fear, to accept divine truth and live from here.

Patience is Being Present

Patience is Being Present

The work of discerning truth became easier as I walked. I was not afraid to jump into a tradition and learn the culture, religion, beliefs and wholeness of it. I quickly found the holes in them too. I was also free to jump back out.

I do not want to believe anything; I want to know truth. This has been a compass and friend keeping me safe on my journey. We miss the truth and power in all and us, while trying so hard to believe in something else.

I found in truth there is peace, wisdom, love and delight, and there is no need to fight. Universal truth is one and creates peace and love. If I was uncomfortable, hurt or upset, I discovered there was a lie hiding inside.

In living in other cultures and systems of belief, I saw the unity in our humanity, and developed great compassion for all of us.

So let’s hold the light, for the resolution of the universal plight, to wake up and be free, in perfect harmony.

Be Love Dear Ones, it’s the secret to everything.

Enjoy the Journey,


Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!



“The Rules To Break. The ones that make no sense, the ones that hurt, the ones that separate us from others and us, the ones that judge, the ones that manipulate or control, the ones that create fear, and the ones that make us feel bad for being us. Discerning truth offers choice, peace, wisdom and happiness.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine





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2016 Reiki Master Training Description

This Website is being redesigned with updated content – scroll below for blogs to support your journey. Our latest newsletter is available on link below. Come Nurture and feed your Soul this Summer.


Complete sixty-four hour, eight Day Usui Reiki experiential Training over six months with additional Seichem, Teri Mai and Shambhala Healing Symbols. Be The Medicine teachings are integrated into the class to support mastery, raise your energy and increased learning. A Reiki Master means Reiki Teacher, this class prepares you for Master level healing and teaching.

SCHEDULE***We will have a introductory meeting in August, and set up dates that work for all. The 8 weekend days will be scheduled over 6 months beginning in September. This allows integration, practice, process and experiential learning, building confidence and knowledge.

Reiki Energy Healing is now used and respected in hospitals and medical settings. As a Reiki Master you are honored and recognized as a Energy Medicine Professional and your clients may be covered by insurance for your services.

Reiki assists with body, mind, emotion and spiritual healing. The gift of Reiki is good medicine in all circumstances.



As a Reiki Master you carry a high vibration of healing, love and light.

You understand the complete system and can speak about it and practice it easily.

To complete this training is a new beginning to your life and healing.

As a Master your first responsibility is to heal you and continually deepen your personal healing journey.

Your greatest learning will happen in your practice with others and self in class and in the world. In all levels of our classes there is abundant practice with one another.


This class offers a firm foundation to your Reiki Master Practice and Teaching.

You will also learn how to teach each level. You do not have to plan to teach classes and yet teaching people to heal themselves and offering attunements to assist clients in their healing are important for all Reiki Masters to offer.

The more you understand the more you can offer others. You receive four sets of attunements to Reiki Master Level Symbols. This professional training prepares you to open your own Reiki healing and teaching business. This is also powerful for personal and family healing and wellness support.

Meditations and Journeys to work with higher self-guides and teachers. We review basics of Energy Healing, Reiki 1, and Reiki 2 and take each level farther. Review how to ground and balance you and your clients.

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Several ways to work with chakras for each level. Deep healing of issues on all levels taught. Spiritual tools for you and your clients to deepen sessions and classes.

Working with guidance and advanced healing methods including Medical Intuition Learn Reiki Master Symbols and Advanced Teachings for Healers.

Learn and practice attuning each other to all levels of Reiki-Mastering the Symbols and Methods. Learn how to teach individuals and groups.

Learn how to attune clients and students to Reiki of all levels.

How to use Reiki Symbols for basic healing, advanced disease, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing, hospice for patients, friends and family. Learn and practice advanced energy healing.

Books will be suggested on Mastery as well as Reiki Mastery and all levels. The class will be recorded for students to have the teachings to listen to over again.

Janet began studying Energy healing in 1990, she studied Reiki 1, 2 and Master Teacher 1994-1996 and began teaching immediately. Reiki empowers all healing and is a gift that keeps on giving.

See complete Reiki Training Page here


Please call Janet StraightArrow for training of all levels and healing sessions. 973-647-2500

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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Its Not Me and my Shadow – Be the Light


When I practiced and processed the study of several traditions of Soul Retrieval twenty years ago, I realized we all are carrying energy that is not us. Not just select pieces of soul loss and taking on trauma energy, but we have been wearing energy from ongoing days of living in this world and against us, by believing the lie.

We all have had many lifetimes of empowering fears, control, beliefs, and negative programming and experiences, while hiding our divinity inside.

We are set off by this life’s challenges and traumas and experiences that built on the blueprint of lessons we brought in at birth. These are awakened over the years, as the wheel of our life turns, offering the opportunity to face them and heal.


The more we try to be right or wrong, good or bad, or make others the same, the farther we are from our greatest truth and divinity. Owning the problems as us, will not offer solutions. Recognizing our perfection and divinity is key, in loving our self back to wholeness, and to be free.

As soon as we get caught in the game of fear, confusion and illusions, we are the fly in the spider’s web. Aligning us to our highest self allows us connection to the source and truth, that will help set us free.

The more we remember our true self, and unconditional love for all, the more we are on track to be lighter and unburned by any past or future, to be here now.

It’s a journey. More to come.

IMG_7927Awaken to be Free.

Blessings and Grace,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!



Live the Power of You!

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Breaking through the Glass Ceiling to Unconditional Love

IMG_3669We live in a world erupting with hate. The energy of the planets challenging each other in the sky are purging our collective consciousness so we can wake up and be who we are.

Universal consciousness brings everything forward to help us wake up and live our highest truth and greatest love. The key is to not go down the Rabbit Hole of illusion and play with the energy and thoughts that take us down and have us lost in confusion.

How can we live love when there is so much of the opposite around us? This is our mission, to live the truth of love in all things. This is how we will break through the lower level collective consciousness and assist all people to cross over into who we really are.

Think of the word negative, it means empty. All negativity is illusion. When we give it power, it creates, because we are the prime creators. When we do not empower this force or consciousness it disappears from us.

Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

Underneath all of the pain and confusion of the world is the truth of love, health, happiness, and peace. These are our true nature when we leave the rest behind. Many worlds share our world, it is our level of awareness and choice that designates where we are.

Let go of your addiction to being right, or proving yourself as a crusader of the dark-empty force, or getting mixed up with things that do not help anyone. Find a place of peace inside, trusting the greatest love and truth and it will be where your consciousness lives and you will break through to find the truth of love as our inherent nature as human beings on this planet.

It’s a journey of discovery, and a worthwhile trip. The good news is that the more we live the truth of love, the greater the force is to help others awaken to their divinity and empowered humanity as well.

logo4Many Blessings to All as We Awaken Together. Namaste.

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! Join us for our events and private sessions and retreats.

Jon us for our Full Moon Solstice Celebration June 20, Vision Quest Retreat in Vermont and Soul Shamanism Classes this summer. Sign up for events to receive prepaid discount.



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The Time is Always Now!


“Dear Hearts, Stay awake to the beauty and truth of life. Get into nature, what is alive and real, playful and fun. Life is a gracious gift we all share. Stay alive. Be in Love. Find peace. Blessings and Love.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

Now more than ever it is important to stay awake and live our truth. The spiritual life journey is to awaken from the dream of our culture, and live who we have come here to be.


There are too many distractions that take us round and round instead of grounded and able to be fully here. As we watch the world around us explode we too are exploding. What is hidden becomes known.

Growing up in a world of lies and truth mixed together created confusion for all of us. Lies are a way of life more than each one of us know. To be in truth is to be in peace.

IMG_6185                                                                                                         Our nature as humans is Love, Happiness, Health, Beauty, Light, Truth and Peace. When we free ourselves from the fear and separation of the world we are free to be who we truly are. This is enlightenment, wholeness and grounded in the real.

When we fight for the illusions and the lies, we become them like the spider and the fly in the web. On my journey I learned to let go and change and love me, instead of fighting with the illusion and people who support it.


All of the traditions I have studied gave me pieces of the puzzle to understand the mystery and the illusion through each one.

Surrender to the best, the highest truth, and the greatest love, and you will live the magic and mystery of our humanity.

Begin by not giving attention to what makes no sense and hurts. Judging, blaming, and shaming, also create more problems. Find ways to be helpful, not hurtful. Love you and all. This is the only way the world will transform.

Enjoy this delicious summer weekend on the precipice of the solstice on Monday.

Join us for summer opportunities circle, classes and private sessions too!

In Love and Grace,

Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

Live The Beauty, Wisdom, Grace and Power of You!


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Notes and Quotes to Support Your Journey


Dear Friends, We are moving through deep transformative times. Along with all of you I have been moving very quickly through internal changes. Its all very exciting and can be scary for some.

I have been writing on Facebook daily. As I begin a new blog I find it is covered in a sentence or two or a paragraph so I put it on Facebook and feed into Twitter. I will begin writing Blogs here again soon. Enjoy these writings from my two main Facebook pages and sign up for my Facebook pages to enjoy daily support and loving messages. They always seem to be perfect for the day.

I hope the quotes below are a loving support on your journey. InJoy!

PS I am also working on many new programs and classes and this website too. See Upcoming Events for the latest dates and locations. More soon. Namaste. Janet StraightArrow

rainbowlightperson“TO BE COMPASSIONATE, we first look in our own closet and see our amazing beauty, and rows of messy bits, and love us all the same. As humans we all have challenges, lessons and gifts. No one is better or worse, we just play different roles at different times, in different ways. When we get this, we let go of the burden of good, or bad, and unconditionally offer love to all, and us too! This transforms everything. Love to all of our beautiful souls, and messy bits too. Peace on earth begins with us.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


heart_love“LOVING US THROUGH. As we sit in a neutral space, we can appreciate and observe where we are, where we have come from, and be in awe of the growth, peace, grace and love we are. Gratitude.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


IMG_6185“STAY POSITIVE. The universal energy of love is helping us now more than ever. As we are breaking through ego, old patterns and becoming more sensitive and aware, it is uncomfortable. Let go of negative dialogue-ego and fear, and move to higher ground. Its only a pass through to feeling better all the time. Namaste.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine StraightArrow OutOfTheBox Coaching

photo “COMPASSION means we are all in this together. When one of us is challenged or hurting, we offer loving kindness. No judgment, blame or shame or feeling sorry. There but for the grace go each one of us. Imagine if when each person is struggling, hurting or needs support, we all send unconditional love to help them rise again? Lets do it and be it and watch the world become humane. This is living heaven on earth. Happy Friday and everyday. Shine On. Namaste.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


 “If we want what we want, we must be willing to do our part.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


Balance“Happiness is a vibration that resides within all of us. When we are able to relax and be, joy is likely to bubble up and out naturally.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


photo9.jpg  “Peace is acceptance. Anger comes from the world not matching our expectations. When we let go of attachment to wanting something else, we can rest in what is, and flow from there.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


photo“We are only stuck when we see things in a way that does not work. When we change our perspective, a whole new life appears.” Janet StraightArrow StraightArrow OutOfTheBox Coaching

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